IMAGINING TRIBE: Youth Summer Immersion

For Youth Changemakers and Cultural Evolutionaries

for 16-22 year olds

July 13-21, 2021 

Finding Meaning, Purpose & Belonging in a Parched World

Spirit Hollow, Shaftsbury, Vermont

o·a·sis /ōˈāsis/ noun

  • 1. a fertile spot in a desert, where water is found:
  • synonyms: Watering place; haven a shelter serving as a place of safety or sanctuary. 

A deep immersion into nature, community and soul this summer that goes beyond a ‘camp’ and instead carves out the time and space for youth to get away from their everyday lives. Participants will join a circle of like-minded peers, be both loved and challenged by elders, and spend time alone in the wilds listening to the other-than-humans on the land. In these ways, they will cultivate the deepest conversation they can have between the inner chambers of their hearts and the ever widening circles of the outer world, gaining tools for wholeness, and uncovering their place in the family of things.

For you, looking to quench your thirst in the desert of this parched mainstream culture.


Something is calling…

  • Does it feel like a gnawing question or an unseen force pulling you toward a place or thing you can’t name? 
  • Does it have little to do with what you will major in or what career you will have?
  • Do you feel there is so much MORE to life in these intense times than the overculture presents to you?
  • Do you feel a need to disappear from the mainstream world and walk off into the unknown for a while?  
  • Do you wish to “make a difference” with your life?
  • Do you miss something you can’t put your finger on?
  • Do you wish for an intergenerational community that completely “sees” you and embraces you as a valuable member?
  • Do you love Earth and feel drawn to more solitude in nature to quiet down and be mirrored by the birds, the trees, the waters, the stones?
  • Do you long for guides and teachers who can show you the ways into the inner and outer wilds and assist you with coming into Wholeness?
  • Do you want to wander away from the routines of life and become invisible to society, to social media, to a whole bunch of “shoulds?” so you can indeed become visible to your Self. 

What are your Gifts?  Who are you REALLY?  


You stand in a potent doorway in your life—in transition between adolescent and young adult—in the place of leaving behind your childhood and approaching early adulthood, at least chronologically. For some, this period can stretch out to age 50 or beyond. Some never reach true adulthood. But classically, you are at the age when something really wants to be born from deep inside yourself. 

If we lived in a healthy, eco-centric culture, you would be surrounded by wise ones and elders, who would mirror your gifts, challenge your assumptions, and guide you to your edges, so you could encounter your depths—to tap into that which is trying to be born.

This immersion is intended to create a container for you and your companions to embark on a soul adventure of mythical proportions.  

Returning To Earth and Tribe

When you step out of your “regular” life, you begin to come face to face with all that has been gnawing at you. When you are not distracted by your devices, your headphones, your social media, and constant bad news, Earth begins to reveal herself to you, directly, experientially, unmistakably.

When you unplug and immerse into soul-centric community and wild nature, you allow the space for your inner stirrings to come forth, you can safely invite your pain and longings to surface, and you will be supported in exploring your most compelling desires and dreams. 

Yes, the struggles of life in these challenging days can feel overwhelming.  It can feel hard to discern what’s truly important to you amidst the cacophony of the overculture.

But there is so much more to your life and your unique niche in these times. You have a role to play in this Great Turning toward a life-enhancing and regenerative world.   As ‘olders,’ we will listen and mirror and affirm all that we see in you, all that is beautiful and emerging.

By spending extended time on the land, you can awaken to the animate more-than-human world, where you are mirrored by the sacred others, and open to secrets from the depths of the Earth’s imagination, which is also linked to your own imagination.

When you are quiet and in solitude on the land, your senses come alive.

Finally, your Soul has the space, the time, the quiet to reveal to you images and feelings and symbols and knowings and thoughts about your own unique Soul and how it is connected to the World.


This is your time to open to the voices of the deep, ancient Earth and your OWN Soul’s knowing.

Now, what has been just whispers or dream fragments comes into to focus. You get to listen now. You get to awaken your senses and come alive on the land so that the deeper threads of your life are allowed to come to the fore, instead of being in the gloaming.  

This is the time to ask some of life’s most compelling and important questions: Why am I here? What is my work? Who am I on the deepest level? What is my purpose?  What is my deeper story? 

What we need now are new stories to share with each other, new tales to live into the world, which is to say, stories to make real by living our own versions of them.”

― Bill Plotkin, Nature and the Human Soul: Cultivating Wholeness and Community in a Fragmented World

Nine Days for living in community, diving deep, for encountering Soul, for awakening to the the Living Earth, and for being supported by the Mystery and seasoned human guides.

When you come to Spirit Hollow, you will leave behind the voices of the “supposed tos” and definitions of “success.”

You will be welcomed into an extraordinary circle of human guides surrounded by the more-than-human Ones. With those sacred others and your peers, we will enter deep belonging, authenticity and solitude in nature.

• live in a tribe where we will live and cook in community, camping on the land
• enter sacred space and drop into Deep Time
• be supported to speak in council your deepest longings and greatest fears, express your despair and grief, share life stories
• be mirrored by seasoned adults who have “been to the mountain and walked through the abyss” and thus know the terrain of the Soul
• be supported to leave behind voices and roles that aren’t resonate with who you truly are
• be given tools to finish developmental tasks of childhood
• be shown methods of Wholing and Self-Healing
• be encouraged to empty out and to clear space for what your Soul longs to speak
• do drumming, imaginal journeys, meditation, simple yoga, and ecstatic movement
• hone questions and intentions for enacting a vision fasting ceremony
• find a sacred spot on the land to fast there for 48 hours
• be welcomed back by your guides who will help you track your story and see the signs and symbols and communications from Earth and Soul
• be lovingly guided to see the mythos in their stories and how it gives understandings about your path and purpose
• be given tools for integrating your experience so that your return to life is infused with soul, purpose, and authenticity


We are currently fundraising to be able to offer as many scholarships as possible to youth.

You will, however, be asked to contribute *something* financially to show your commitment and hold your place.  

The immersion is offered on a sliding scale of $800-1200 and will include dinners.  Each participant will bring their own food for breakfasts and lunches.  

You may apply for scholarship funds by filling out this form.


This will be a camping experience, so you will bring your own tents and camping equipment. 

Outdoor kitchen, outhouses and hot outdoor showers are available.


We ask that you fill out a brief APPLICATION to determine if this immersion is a good fit for you!

MORE DETAILS ARE FORTHCOMING, but contact Tracey ( if you are interested in hearing more or you KNOW this is FOR YOU!