Soul Centric Mentoring

Living On Purpose
Soul Mentoring and Life Path Guidance

With Tracey Forest (KeyTurner)

There is only one life you can call your own and a thousand others you can call by any name you want.

~David Whyte

Cross the Threshold

and fully step into your most authentic life

  • What is nagging at you, gnawing at you? What stirrings won’t leave you alone?
  • What is the largest conversation you can have with the world?
  • What are the threads of your life that connect you to the Mystery of your Soul?
  • What stories have lead you to unravel the bigger, numinous story of your Purpose?
  • What are the central images and dreams that have shaped your life since childhood?
    What are your deepest longings and pulls and truest gifts?
  • How can you live as the most authentic soul-self you possibly can?
  • What are you called to do?
  • How can nature and the Sacred Others help you unravel your deepest stories and offer you tangible inspirations to live your Passions into the world?
  • How can you use your gifts to Serve in these hard and holy days?

In one-on-one soul mentoring sessions, Tracey will assist you in a process of discovery, awe, revelation and mystery so that you emerge into the most alive, authentic, in-tuned, embodied, soul-guided, whole woman you are capable of becoming.The magic lies in that place where the world’s hunger and your longing meet.

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