Men’s Circle, October 28


Saturday, October 28. Halloween/Samhain Weekend. 12pm-6pm

We all recognize that part of us that rages, the Monster within that rages when it is frustrated, rages when it doesn’t understand, rages when it does and wants answers, rages when it is hurt.

In what could be the initiation of an on-going men’s group, we will come together to talk about this side of male spirituality and how it affects our lives.

Drawing from some themes in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein:

  • The Monster’s Awakening to Self-Awareness
  • The Monster’s Search for and Questions to the Creator
  • The Monster’s Rage at the Creator’s Answers/Non-answers

But the Monster isn’t just blind rage.  Perhaps the inner Monster rages because he feels unanswered, but maybe he has to know what question he is asking before he can know whether he’s been answered.  Perhaps the true theme is identifying the questions for which the Monster seeks answers.

Everyone brings something to the discussion, making it a “stone soup” of observations and ideas.

Moderated by Robert Patton, president of the Spirit Hollow Board and a co-facilitator for the Seeing With the Heart program, this event is open to men, age 18 to ancient.

For dinner, we will create a physical “Stone Soup” in a large stock pot on the wood stove; participants should bring one cup of something to add to the base stock and your own bowl and spoon.   Bring cushions and back-jacks or folding camp chairs to sit on.

Contact Robert at to register.  The event is free.   If you wish to make a donation to Spirit Hollow, you can check out options for doing so online ( at the bottom of the Home page.

About Robert:

Robert began his work with Spirit Hollow in 2000 as a student in the original Seeing With the Heart class. In 2004, he became a member of the Spirit Hollow board and began assisting with the Seeing With the Heart program, co-facilitating with Tracey Forest for the past five years.  He has conducted ceremonies and presented workshops, including his Psychopomp: Shamanic Practice with the Dying.  In furthering the vision and mission of Spirit Hollow, Robert recognizes that men also need a safe setting in which to explore and express their spirituality and he seeks, beginning with this gathering, to find ways to develop that setting and to promote men’s active engagement with the issue and questions that rise in the male soul.