Men’s Circles

You have made me known to friends whom I knew not.  You have given me seats in homes not my own.  You have brought the distant near and made a brother of the stranger
                                                                                                              —-from GITANJALI by Rabindranath Tagore
Transforming consciousness, one extraordinary being at a time, this circle extends the vision of Spirit Hollow by creating an on-going forum for men to come together to explore men’s spirituality and issues in mutual support, respect and non-judgment.  
Whether it bumps in the night, bangs at the door or blinds with the Numinous, bring your thoughts, your worries, your aspirations, your doubts, your wisdom to share and explore with a band of fellow seekers in safe and sacred space.  
Facilitated by Robert L. Patton of the Spirit Hollow board and assistant instructor with the Seeing With the Heart classes, gatherings are open to men, ages 18 to ancient. Recognizing that life happens and that there is always a reason not to carve out time for ourselves, come as you can; “if not now, when?”  Participation is free. but we may do some work projects around Spirit Hollow from time to time.
Register at to be included in the mailing list; as we find our way, topics and activities for sessions will be announce in advance to the mailing group. 

Here are the dates for our future meetings:

Saturday, August 25, 12-4PM

Saturday, Sept 15, 12-4PM

Saturday, Oct 27, 12-4PM (anniversary of the Circle’s kick-off)

More dates to come.