Music CD

BEAUTY ALL AROUND: Songs from Spirit Hollow, Vol. 1

Recorded over several months at Muddy Angel Records in Richmond , Massachusetts (mastered by Mark Kelso), the CD reflects our belief that every place, plant, rock, tree, animal, stream, spirit helper and human has a song to share. These songs recall the magic of Spirit Hollow and its supporting energies and devas. A co-creation with Spirit, this album is a love offering of songs of love, of healing, of inspiration and of longing from our hearts to yours, opening us to Divine Love through music. Songs include:

1. I Am Singing (by Robert Patton)
2. Lay Down Your Worries (by Tracey Forest)
3. Breaths (by Sweet Honey and the Rock), sung by Katie Bowen
4. Mother [Jai Ma] (words and music by Tracey Forest)
5. The Crystal’s Song (by Dawn Smith)
6. If You Walk Down This Path (by Tracey Forest), a gospel-reminiscent tune, featuring the The Spirit Hollow Singers
7. Do You See (by Robert Patton), sung by Robert Patton, featuring Forrest Green on keyboard
8. Spirit Guide (by Dawn Smith), sung by Dawn Smith and Megan Williams
9. You Are the Road (adapted from Rumi’s poem “In the Arc of Your Mallet”, used by permission from Coleman Barks, translator), music by Tracey Forest, featuring Tracey Forest and Nicole Otte-Stetson on vocals, Mark Kelso on piano
10. Shine (by Megan Williams; additional lyrics by Robert Patton) sung by Megan Williams and Robert Patton
11. How Can I Keep From Singing (traditional), sung by Tracey Forest and Nicole Otte-Stetson
12. Benediction (the Sanskrit benediction Om Asatoma, set to music by Tracey Forest)
13. Beauty All Around (by Tracey Forest) the traditional closing at Spirit Hollow


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