The Alchemy of Desire: A Women’s Intensive

February 28-March 1

at Pompanuck Farm Eco-Retreat in Cambridge, NY

Passion and Pleasure:  A Weekend of Exploration, Deep Self-Care and Transformation

“If you are not free to be who you are, you are not free.”  

 ~ Clarissa Pinkola Estes


“Your feelings are the utmost priority; your desires are more important than anyone else’s deadline or mandate.”

~ Regena Thomashauer, Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts

You work hard, you care for others, and your own desires and self-care fall to the bottom of your list.

Carve out a weekend to retreat from your life and responsibilities and cross the threshold into a magical sacred space to release, restore, rejuvenate and celebrate in a safe circle of powerful sisters.

In order to really serve others in these urgent and potent days on planet Earth, we MUST fill our cups with raw inspiration and deep loving care of our vulnerability and our wild pleasure.

We must give ourselves love and nurturance, tending to those suppressed and outcast parts, and bring ourselves back into alignment with our feminine souls.  We can then CELEBRATE our wholeness, our beauty, our passions and our unique gifts.

In this weekend intensive, we will leave the ordinary behind, cross the Sacred threshold and dive into our souls, our longings, our pain and our pleasure.  In Temple Space, a safe and holy container for deep catharsis and reclamation of power, we will explore our Truest Desires, our Soul Longings, and our Bodies’ Knowings.

Turning our lead to gold means not pushing away or cutting off aspects of our selves or psyches we think are dark or sinister but rather inviting ALL of us to come into the light to be expressed, danced, and transformed into resources that fuel our passions and purpose.

Along the way, we will laugh, be irreverent and have a LOT of fun being in a circle of bold, honest, and juicy sisters. 



  • Opening Temple Ceremony on Friday evening
  • Deep Council and Mirroring
  • Connect with Your “Pleasure Power”
  • Working with Edges and Loving Your Shadowy Darkenss
  • Communal Singing and Drumming
  • Imaginal Journeys
  • Tools for Wholing and Self Healing
  • Time on the Land
  • Exploration of the Wild Self through Ecstatic Dance


Senses be praised!  Because this weekend is for tending your goddess self, we encourage enjoyment without guilt or distraction—simply because we deserve it!  To expand our pleasure practice, we’ve chosen to hold our retreat at Pompanuck Farm, an eco-retreat center just over the mountain from Spirit Hollw.

Pompanuck offers us cozy (shared) accommodations, indoor showers, a large luxurious kitchen and dining area and a generous common meeting space all in one building. There is also a lovely wood fired sauna on the grounds, wooded trails, and a pond.  Once you register, you will receive a detailed letter describing lodging options and what bedding you will need to bring.



To keep costs low, we ask that you bring two potluck dishes; come having already eaten on Friday evening. As we plan for food you will bring, let us challenge ourselves to find and bring the most decadent yet healthy-ish meals, beverages and deserts to share as we explore the art of sensual eating.   

Since there won’t be enough space or time for chopping and cooking, these should be already cooked dishes that can be easily heated in the oven or on the stove; you can also bring a crock pot. We will coordinate food by using an online Potluck Planning site to enter what you’re bringing so we don’t have overlap.  Bring your own breakfast stuff for Saturday and Sunday.  We will provide coffee, tea, milk and other beverages for all meals.

Other things to bring:

Bring a non-scented candle, beautiful clothing or other items to adorn yourself make you feel magical and juicy, a handful of flowers for our altar and drum, rattles, and organic chocolate to share!  You might also bring make-up, eco-friendly glitter, body paints, essential and massage oils—anything that amps up the sensual in you!  If knitting turns you on, girl, bring your yarn!  It’s okay to bring wine and/or spirits if that is your pleasure.

Also bring warm and comfortable clothing and shoes for walking in the woods.


Cost for the weekend is $225 and includes lodging ($90/person for both nights).  A non-refundable deposit of $100 is required to hold your space. We are limited to 18 participants, so register early to save your spot.


The Facilitators:

Tracey Forest “Key Turner”















Tracey is passionate about helping others step through the doorway into the mystical and the mythical, the sacred and the sublime, the earthy and the erotic, the dark depths and high heights. She is a fearless and compassionate facilitator who has “been to the mountain” and descended into the abyss to lament for the earth, to celebrate the beauty and pain and who knows the rich gifts that lie in the dark to be mined. She stands in the portal, holding a lantern, singing ancient songs, dangling a key, inviting you to step through into the vast landscape of your Soul.

A shamanic healer and teacher, yoga teacher, women’s guide and youth mentor and singer with 25 years experience guiding others, Tracey is currently in the Wild Mind Training Program with the Animas Valley Institute ( cultivating more tools to assist in the Wholing and Healing of this broken, beautiful world.

Tracey is the founding co-director of Spirit Hollow for almost 20, with the mission of transforming consciousness one extraordinary being at a time. There, she runs transformational summer programs for kids and teens, trains shamanic healers through the acclaimed Seeing with the Heart Apprenticeship program, offers soul and nature immersions for women and sees individuals and couples for private sessions.

Tracey is a graduate of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies Three-Year Program in Advanced Shamanism (under the tutelage of Michael Harner) and a Certified Yoga Teacher at the 200-hour level, having trained with Shiva Rea. Also, Tracey is a singer-songwriter whose music reflects her belief in the sacred beauty in all beings

Deena Chappell Smith

From the halls of an Alzheimer unit to the auditoriums and classrooms of public schools.  From the main stage to the sacred circle of the feminine, Deena’s road has been a long and winding one.  Her vast and varying career has led her to develop this unique and intriguing way of service.  Deena’s practice is informed by her professional and creative work with dementia patients, women, children, at-risk teens, families and couples. Her experience as a lifelong musician/songwriter adds depth and humor to your time together.

Deena’s approach is inspired by the works of Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell, Jean Shinoda Bolen, Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Doctor Dre, George Martin, Stanislav Grof and many other luminaries of the realms of the mythological. Deena is a recent graduate of Regina Thomashauer’s School of Womanly Arts Master Training Program and is looking forward to applying her new knowledge and skills to this intensive.

Deena brings educated perspective and intuitive insight into your personal mythology. Working together , you uncover the underlying archetypal patterns and energies that make up your wondrous, unique self. Through this lens  you begin to unlock, understand and integrate so that you may move forward with a richer, more meaningful life experience. Visit her on the web.