Anima Terra: 16-Month Journey of Wild Descent and Soul Emergence for Women

Starts October 2022

An·i·ma /ˈanəmə/ noun  1. the soul;  2.the feminine principle

Ter·ra /ˈterə/ noun  1. land or territory;  2.  the planet earth

Come to the forest, sister!
Reach out; take our hands.
You’ve been called in whispers
Into deep, sacred lands.

Your wild soul beckons you
Come now! The light it does wane.
Leave behind that which binds you.
And enter Mystery’s terrain…

This transformational journey is one of descent and return–descent into the underworld of Earth and Psyche to let go of attachments to the roles and identities of a life that has become confining, so you can encounter the pure voice and true expression of your wild feminine Soul.  By courageously releasing the cultural and personal mindsets that have bound you, you will cross many thresholds, confront your shadows, your fears, and your wounds as well as your light, and explore the edges of your grief and your longing.  In relationship with the clear reflections of nature, you can allow yourself to be radically reshaped by the elemental forces of wind and water, moon and sun, rocks and trees, owl and coyote, and return to your communities in wholeness, with your mythical Soul now guiding your life.

Earth willing, during this yearlong journey, you will have a genuine soul encounter that shatters illusions and makes it impossible to stay small or to inhabit any world except the one to which you truly belong.   The risk is you won’t be the same woman you used to be; the reward is you will potentially be irreversibly changed intothe one you were born to be.  By gaining profound inspiration and fresh vision for your life, you will return to your community with precious seeds and gifts that only you can offer the world.

This 16-month journey, unfolds over five sessions – four five-day sessions and one eight-day Vision Quest session – beginning in October 2022 and ending in December 2023. 

Dear Soul Sisters,

  • Do you feel a longing-ache to seek your unique, yet-to-be-revealed gift for your people and for the greater Earth Community?
  • Are you longing to tear away the masks of the tame and domestic self and feel your pure wildness come through?
  • Have you done much work around your own healing and feel you have cultivated some real resources and inner strength?
  • Do you feel like the life you’ve been living (even if you are “successful”) is too small or confining and that there is something more raw and true that is drawing you into the underworld soul stream–something both terrifying and breathtakingly exciting?
  • When you wake up in the morning, are your first thoughts about falling into the mysteries of of psyche and Earth?
  • Do you feel like your center of gravity has shifted away from concerns about career, social belonging and toward the depths and unknown?
  • Are you undeniably pulled to spend time delving into the realms of dreams, longings and wild nature?
  • Do you feel you must dissolve your old identities and release attachments to anything holding you back from accessing the greater service and work Mystery would like you to offer the world?
  • Are you ready to be challenged and encouraged by seasoned guides to look fearlessly in your own mirror with both love and ferocity?

If so, we have designed this yearlong immersion for you.

Visit the Anima Terra Page for all the details!

Anima Terra is for women who are already engaged in worthwhile lives and work, have achieved one or more successful, functional roles in society and have cultivated a sense of responsibility to themselves and the world, YET they hear an undeniable call to something more — to something beyond the edges of the known — something wild, rich, and even a little scary.  Through murmurings and imaginings, they have been urged to uncover why they are really here and to hear what their Soul is beckoning them to embody.

By committing to this extended journey in a circle of sisterhood, you will be invited to cross more deeply into Mystery’s terrain than you ever have before.  As the voices of the over-culture fade, and you leave behind the distractions of your daily life, you will finally come home to true belonging on Earth supported by seasoned guides and the wild ones in nature.  By creating the space for your Soul to come through, you will finally partner with your ego to more fully live your sacred purpose into the world.

The things that women reclaim are often their own voices, their own values, their imagination, their clairvoyance, their stories, their ancient memories.  If we go for the deeper, and the darker, and the less known, we will touch the bones.”  –Clarissa Pinkola Estes


All sessions meet at Spirit Hollow, except the February 2023 session, which will be at a location close to SH that has indoor lodging for winter (venue to be announced).


Jonah Ruh Roberts and Tracey Forest

Visit the Anima Terra Page for all the details