Conscious Couples’ Retreat Weekend

Deepening Connections to Self, Partner and Earth

September 6-8, 2019

At Spirit Hollow in SW Vermont

Friday evening 7 PM through Sunday 1 PM

Facilitated by two conscious couples:  Rachel and Aaron Riverwood

Tracey Forest and Robbie Leppzer

Share a transformative weekend with your partner, opening, expanding, listening, supporting, expressing, releasing and becoming even more intimate, more connected, more loving and more joyful together than ever before.

This retreat is for couples involved in an engaged, committed relationship, who seek to deepen their already-solid bond. In a powerful, safe space you will learn to access deeper levels of connection and intimacy, and evolve your relationship into something even more potent and sacred.

Together, the two of you are invited to cross the threshold Into powerfully held safe space, leaving your worldly responsibilities and concerns behind for the weekend, and enter into the Sacred with your beloved in a beautiful nature sanctuary in the forest.

Through a series of revealing and evocative activities, you will explore your partnership and your own self, breaking through your barriers to freedom and love.  

Taking all participants’ interests into account*, you will be guided to:

  • participate in council (circle) processes with other couples who share your desire to love more fully;
  • work with fears and grief in a cathartic way;
  • cultivate deeper levels of awareness and wholeness within yourself 
  • attune with and respond more to your partner;
  • process old, stuck energy and release stagnant emotions through movement and sound and ceremony;
  • access and practice secure attachment tools; 
  • explore ways to communicate and mirror each other more effectively;
  • appreciate, revere and adore your partner through gazing, holding and movement
  • uncover your deeper desires and longings, both personally and with each other;
  • expand your concepts of love and sources of support to include the greater earth community by spending time solo and together in nature

You will emerge from the weekend closer, more engaged, more open, more together and more well-resourced to take your relationship into its new evolutionary place.  

*In the application to be filled out, we will include top issues/desires to be covered and ask people to rank according to individual and couple preferences/this may affect our ultimate agenda.

$450 per couple if registered by August 1.  $500 thereafter.  Space limited.  

We ask BOTH partners to fill out this application.   Once your application is accepted, we will ask you to pay your tuition.


Early Bird Deadline, August 1 $450/couple. After Aug.1 = $500









Lodging and Meals

Spirit Hollow has five tent cabins.  For the first five couples who request it, you can claim a tent cabin for your weekend nest.  The tent cabins usually have bunks, which we’ll remove for this couples’ weekend. However, you’ll need to bring everything you want for a cozy next (air mattress, bedding, etc).   There is no electricity in these tent cabins, so bring lanterns and candles if you wish. You may also bring your own tent to tuck away somewhere or you can get an Air BnB nearby for more luxury.

To keep costs low, we ask that you bring two potluck dishes; come having already eaten on Friday evening.  Since there won’t be enough space or time for chopping and cooking, these should be already cooked dishes that can be easily heated in the oven or on the stove; you can also bring a crock pot. WE WILL COORDINATE THE DISHES with an online potluck planning site, so there isn’t overlap or too much food (is there such a thing?). Bring your own breakfast stuff for Saturday and Sunday.  Spirit Hollow will provide coffee, tea, milk and other beverages for all meals.

Remember, this is a rustic retreat: we have outhouses, which are clean, have skylights and inspirational reading material on the walls.  We have hot outdoor showers (abundant streams to dip in, too). We have an outdoor kitchen set up with sink and stove.

Facilitator Bios

Tracey Forest is passionate about helping others step through the doorway into the mystical and the mythical, the sacred and the sublime, the earthy and the erotic, the dark depths and high heights.  A graduate of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies’ Three Year Program in Advanced Shamanism, having studied directly with Michael Harner, PhD, Tracey is also a yoga teacher and singer with 25 years experience guiding others. She is currently in the Wild Mind Training Program with the Animas Valley Institute cultivating more tools to assist in the Wholing and Healing of this broken, beautiful world.. She is also the steward of the sacred land that is Spirit Hollow, where she has lived in deep communion and conversation with the wild ones for the last 20 years.  She trains shamanic healers and teachers, runs transformational camps for kids and teens and sees individuals and couples for soul sessions and mentoring.



Robbie Leppzer has been a social change catalyst for 40 years as a documentary filmmaker (Turning Tide Productions), educator, artist, activist and founding member of an on-going pro-feminist men’s group that formed in 1978.  As a man committed to his healing and his work to help transform this world, Robbie has traveled widely, filming and interviewing people from all walks of life and creating truly inspirational documentaries that raise consciousness.  He has done deep personal growth work to heal his family of origin wounds as an adult child of an alcoholic and growing up in an abusive dysfunctional family, and has an innate understanding of and acceptance of everyone, of every background, embracing all experiences and emotions without judgment. His latest film, Power Struggle, can be found here.


Tracey and Robbie had one, nine-hour date and just “knew” they had met the love of their lives.  When kissing good night in the parking lot, they were visited by a black bear, who looked them up and down, nodded his head as if to say, “I approve” and walked on.  All it took was that one magical date and blessing from the bear for them to dive without hesitation into the most soulful, supportive, loving, passionate and conscious relationship of either of their lives.  Having both experienced long-term partnerships and divorces, where they had been honed and humbled, dismembered and healed, they were ready for and immediately recognized that this was the love of their lives.  They cultivate non-violent communication, share deep intimacy, dance together spontaneously whenever they can and enjoy all the wonders of the natural world both in Vermont and Western Mass.




Rachel Sachs Riverwood

Rachel has a masters degree in counseling psychology and is about to embark on her dissertation. As a doctoral student in the Marriage & Family Therapy Program at Antioch New England, she studies and conducts research, practices therapy with individuals, families and couples, and teaches and supervises masters students in systemic therapy. Rachel is passionate about helping couples mend and build bridges between their logical, physical, spiritual, and emotional selves and each other. She believes the expression and acceptance of our authentic selves and deep emotions, desires, and needs–our own and our partner’s– is critical for living to our fullest potential. Rachel also studies Shamanic Healing and Reiki and finds inspiration in nature, non-human animals, and creating music and art.



Aaron Riverwood is a poet, musician, and psychotherapist in Western MA. He studies core shamanism at Spirit Hollow and is a certified Kripalu Mindful Outdoor Guide. He specializes in working with men to cultivate authentic connection in these isolating times. In his spare time he enjoys science fiction, psychedelic music, and being in nature.


Aaron and Rachel are married and have lived in love and laughter together for eight years. Both have had prior marriages; together, they have found a variety of ways to maintain emotional, spiritual, and physical connection while exploring issues such as introversion and extroversion, mutual respect and admiration, power dynamics, and unconventional gender roles. They live with two fuzzy children in Western MA.