A Sunday Morning Dreamwork Program on Zoom

GUIDE: Tracey Forest

Eight Sundays, January 23 – March 13, 2022

10:00am – Noon EST

Dreamwork is the work of the imagination.  In dreams, it is clear how powerful the imagination is – it is capable of shaping a completely real world, indistinguishable from the physical world.

~Robert Bosnak, author of A Little Course in Dreams

Dreams can be alchemical, mythical, and profoundly transformational.

In this eight-week program, a dedicated group of dreamers and imagineers will gather on Zoom Sunday mornings over coffee (or tea) and breakfast to work dreams in a soulcentric way.  By diving into the underworld rivers of images that live in our depths, we allow ourselves to be shaped and shifted toward a more soulful, even mythological, life.

One way that Mystery communicates with us is through dreams.  In committing to this work, we open a potent door to accessing the deepest conversation we can have with our own Dream Muse, our psyches, with the Earth and with the World.

We will not attempt to interpret our dreams based on dream dictionaries or known symbols (ie: water = unconscious) or look for meanings or messages because dreams are direct communications from Soul, and they are tailored to each of us uniquely.

We want to be curious and open, and if we reach too quickly for symbols, we could potentially shut down the conversation.  Instead, we allow the dreams to have their way with us.   SoulCentric dreamwork invites us back into the full experience of the dream, so it can have its alchemical effect on us in a direct way.

We enter actively into dialogue with the dream and its figures, landscapes, words and stirrings.  We let the dream do its work on us.  It’s not cognitive; it’s not to be figured out.  Instead, we let the dreams live and breathe and move and express through us and with us, so that we can knowourselves and what Mystery wants from us more intimately.

Indeed the Living Earth herself is dreaming, and because we are Earth embodied, we are part of THAT dream as well.  Therefore, beyond the personal work that we will each do, perhaps Gaia herself might even reveal more of the way her dream and our individual dreams meet in the intensity of these days on the planet.

Even if you only recall fragments of your dreams, you will be shown ways to amplify and enhance their communication with you.

In this program, you will:

  • Invite your DreamMuse to have a bigger role in your life through the creation of a Dream Altar, writing of letters and self-designed ceremony
  • Learn ways to remember and record your dreams
  • Participate in the Way of Council
  • Become part of a community of dreamers, where we work dreams in circle, in pairs and in small groups
  • Amplify dream images through simple art and movement, journaling and exercises outside on your land between sessions
  • Learn how to use active imagination to re-enter your dreamscapes for the purposes of drawing closer to Soul, to crossing numinous thresholds, to participating more fully in your unfolding story in the Great Turning.

We will gather on Zoom for two hours for 8 consecutive Sundays.  You are invited to come in your comfy clothes or PJs, with your coffee, your breakfast, your notebook, a candle, and your fresh dreams, so we can stir and percolate and partake of one another’s deep imagery and soul longings.

Between sessions, you be given invitations to journal, create art, and wander on your land to deepen your access to the language of your dreams, to the alchemy of your deep imagination, to the ways Earth is speaking to you and calling you to your most authentic, eco-centric Self.

You will partner with another in the group–a dream partner– to work with during the program (and beyond if you choose).

Please purchase and read A Little Course in Dreams by Robert Bosnak and have a fresh journal and favorite pen for recording dreams.


January 23 and 30, February 6, 13, 20 and 27 and March 6 and 13.


Tuition is $450

Once you make your payment, you’ll be sent a Zoom link.  You can make one payment in full or two half-tuition payments: one upon registration, one by Feb. 1, 2022



Payment Options

In doing dreamwork, things can really get shaken loose in one’s psyche. To help you do even more work in your depths, you may ‘add on’ private dreamwork or soulcentric mentoring sessions with KeyTurner at any point for a separate fee.

Tracey Forest “Key Turner”

Tracey is passionate about helping others step through the doorway into the mystical and the mythical, the sacred and the sublime, the earthy and the erotic, the dark depths and high heights. She is a fearless and compassionate facilitator who has “been to the mountain” and descended into the abyss to lament for the earth, to celebrate the beauty and pain and who knows the rich gifts that lie in the dark to be mined. She stands in the portal, holding a lantern, singing ancient songs, dangling a key, inviting you to step through into the vast landscape of your Soul.

Co-founding Director of Spirit Hollow, Tracey is a shamanic healer and teacher, yoga teacher and singer of soul-stirring songs.  With almost 30 years of experience guiding others, she is currently in the Soulcraft Apprenticeship and Initiation Program (SAIP) with Bill Plotkin and the Animas Valley Institute learning to be Soul Initiation Guide and cultivating more tools to assist in the Wholing and Healing of this broken, beautiful world.

Some of Tracey’s most transformative experiences have happened through dreams, dreams she followed, worked with, listened to, wandered on the land with, let move her body and psyche.  

 The historical mission of our times is to reinvent the human – at the species level, with critical reflection, within the community of life-systems, in a time-developmental context, by means of story and shared dream experience.  (Thomas Berry, “Reinventing the Human,” in The Great Work, 159).