Firewalk: Ignite your Inner Flame

May 25, 2019

With Dana Vacchelli

At its Core, Firewalking serves as a platform for transformational growth and change. It lives at the center point of duality; the primal energy of Fire is neutral. Your prayers, dreams, and intentions become the ingredients of how the energy is channeled. This workshop is fueled by tapping into your soul space and collectively activating the life force energy of this ceremony.

It’s about getting real on what needs to be burned, what needs to be rekindled, what needs to be empowered, what needs to be voiced. Expect to be seen, Expect to be heard, Expect to be Witnessed.

Each of us holds a key to the gateway of change, your personal journey serves an important role to your personal and spiritual evolution. The fire meets you where you are, no judgement, no ego, no needing to be more than what you are in this moment. In return, it commands respect, you will need to be fully present in mind, body, and spirit. Expect a dynamic evening of interactive steps that give you the tools and support needed to create change.

Walking the Fire is NOT required. You are fully empowered to make the choice to walk, you still gain the benefits of the fire without walking the coals.

This Firewalk may be calling if you want to:

  • Breakthrough limiting beliefs
  • Radically shift your awareness into a new way of being
  • Initiate your inner warrior by courageously facing your fears
  • Empower yourself by saying YES to you
  • Rekindle your passion for life
  • Release what no longer serves your highest good
  • Honor a Rite of Passage (Birth, Death, Rebirth)
  • Recommit to a dream that has been abandoned

Firewalk Details

Pre-register at

Investment: Sliding scale – $ 75.00 to $108.00

I have one work exchange opportunity available please contact me to inquire.

Arrival: We are gathering at Spirit Hollow at 5:30 PM , we will begin our circle together at 6:00 PM.

Attire: Wear comfortable cloths preferably above ankles. We will be gathered in a rural forest setting so you may want to dress in layers and bring and shoes that are easy to slip into.

Food: Come having eaten, please bring a snack to share for our closing circle. Keep it simple fruit, cheese, chocolate.

Accommodations: You have the option to stay at Spirit Hollow for the night for an extra charge paid directly to Spirit Hollow with limited access to kitchen in the morning. Please note this is a dorm style setting, think tent cabin pajama party. Bring your bedding. You may also bring your own tent and camp on the property. For those seeking a bed and bed style experience there are several Bed and Breakfast options along with Airbnb within a 15-minute radius.

Tent Cabin- $ 25.00

Own Tent- $ 15.00

Comfort Items: Journal, Bug Spray (Deet Free), Snack, Water bottle, Drum or rattle, we are gathered in circle on the floor if you need more support please bring what makes you comfortable. We have a few beach chairs to offer.

Most important bring you, your beautiful open heart…. Really nothing else matters.