Individual Apprenticeships

In Shamanic Healing and Transformational Soul Therapy

with Tracey Forest and other Spirit Hollow teachers

For those who cannot attend Seeing with the Heart, our ongoing group apprenticeship in core shamanism, we offer one-on-one or small group apprenticeships.  Set up on an as-needed basis, apprentices will be taught all the shamanic skills necessarily to begin their own practices of shamanism for growth and healing, first for Self and then for others, and should they choose to continue beyond Level One, advanced techniques will be be learned.

There are two levels of study available to serious students who wish to become shamanic practitioners, healers, teachers and ceremonialists and community leaders.

LEVEL ONE: Novice-Intermediate

The first half of Level One is intended to help participants learn the fundamentals of shamanism and then to work on personal healing and spiritual growth. The second half is intended to teach participants highly effective techniques for helping and healing others and the planet.   Through hands-on methods, you will learn the following:

  • to “journey” into non-ordinary reality
  • to connect with power animals, ancestors and teachers for guidance and healing
  • to clarify your soul’s purpose and work toward manifesting it in the world
  • sacred creative expression through song, movement, drumming and/or art
  • to construct and perform sacred rituals to honor, heal & release
  • to incorporate shamanic practice into everyday life
  • techniques of working compassionately with those who have died or are dying
  • techniques of divination to use with self and others
  • methods of working with nature spirits and spirits of place in a respectful and cooperative way (including talking across the species boundaries and communicating with the more-than human ones)
  • the way of council for deep communication and heartfelt community building
  • extraction healing to remove the spiritual causes of blockages and physical illness

LEVEL TWO: Advanced

Requires a deepening commitment to the work, for those called beyond Level I to become soul-based community leaders, shamanic healers, spiritually-focused life-coaches and depth land stewards.  This level includes practices included in Seeing with Heart, Years Two and Three. Apprentices in Level II will assist with First-Year Seeing with the Heart classes and occasionally shadow Tracey in private sessions.  For those wishing to begin to guide nature-based rites of passage work or transformational work with children or adults (camps, vision quests), a specific program can be tailored to your areas of interest.

You will learn:

  • intermediate journeying and divination skills.
  • how to sink into nature through becoming indigenous (Depth Land Stewardship).  You will connect more deeply with the spiritual aspects of your own dwelling place and develop rituals and create sanctuaries that honor and revere the Earth
  • deeper levels of communication and co-creation with the Spirits of Nature and practices for talking across the species boundaries and working with the more-than-human ones for the enhancement of the entire earth community
  • the entire process of Soul Retrieval and be prepared to assist your community in doing this incredible work of love for people, animals, plants and places
  • through the study a of a divine figure, how to live authentically and to navigate the terrain of life without being thrown off center and to walk through life with  integrity from a place of humility.
  • deeper levels of merging with the spirits to assist others and the planet
  • working with power/sacred objects for increasing effectiveness
  • advanced shamanic healing and intuitive techniques to be used in assisting clients in becoming whole
  • learn how to create sacred spaces for transformational soul work for Self and others
  • to use a variety of techniques to finish unfinished business in your past, so you can hone and step into your life/soul work and become an agent of change in these tumultuous times
  • deep listening and mirroring skills
  • to work with the Elements in a compassion way to increase your capacity to channel healing, transforming energies.
  • how to guide others through various rites of passage and nature-based soul initiation
  • techniques for ‘reading the field’ and working with dynamics in transformational groups
  • honing your Soul Work and designing a project based around it


Is this the right fit for you?  Michael Harner, our root teacher says, “the shaman is social activist on a spiritual level,” and indeed the primary “call” to this work is that nagging pull in one’s soul-spirit-self to be a spiritual activist, to be of service, to help the world to wholeness, to help alleviate suffering and pain.   Certainly, we need as many healers and soul-infused leaders as possible in this unprecedented times.  However, this apprenticeship is not intended for people solely seeking personal healing, although as a side effect, there will be deep insights, releases and profound practices that will help you become more whole.

To be accepted as an apprentice, you will request an application through Spirit Hollow, submit it and undergo a one-on-one in-person or FaceTime interview.  If you are invited to be an apprentice, you will make a $250 non-refundable deposit (applicable to your tuition).  Sessions will be set up at mutually-agreed upon times at Spirit Hollow.

To complete Level One, apprentices will complete a MINIMUM of 30 hours with Tracey (or other appropriate guest teachers) directly, usually set up in four-hour blocks at a time (approximately seven sessions over a year’s time).  On their own time over the year, apprentices should expect to spend at least an additional 30 hours total between sessions in personal practices of techniques, reading assigned texts and submitting writing, and doing nature solos.

At the end of Level One, the apprentice will demonstrate proficiency for a council of Spirit Hollow elders, and receive a certificate, which is a prerequisite for Level Two.

To complete Level TWO, you will complete a MINIMUM of 40 hours above Level One (completed in 18 months): direct time with Tracey (or other appropriate guest teachers), usually set up in four-hour blocks at a time (approximately ten sessions over 18 months time).

In addition to the 40 hours of contact time, on your own time, you should expect to spend at least an additional 40 hours total between sessions doing the following:

  • Practicing techniques, reading assigned texts, writing a journal
  • Undertaking a Medicine Walk, Vision Quest (or other designed nature solo)
  • Assisting with Seeing with the Heart classes, camps or vision quests,
  • Assisting in private sessions with Tracey (or other recommended healer)
  • Selecting a Soul Work Project that you will complete.

At the end of Level Two, the apprentice will demonstrate proficiency for a council of Spirit Hollow elders , and receive a certificate.

*When possible, we will form small groups of apprentices, who will train together, to create partnerships and build alliances.


Fee for Level One is $1,500 – 2,000 total (payments are accepted)

Fee for Level Two $2000 – $3,000 total (payments are accepted)

The non-refundable deposit ($250 per level) is applicable to your total tuition.

If you are unable to pay the full amount but feel this apprenticeship is right for you, you may apply for a partial scholarship.

Spirit Hollow is committed to providing access to all its programs, and we feel that the opportunity to attend a camp, training, quest or workshop for personal transformation should not be limited by a person’s economic status. Therefore, we are committed to offering partial scholarships and payment plans for those who are ready for a Spirit Hollow experience but would be unable to participate without financial aid.

Our scholarships are made possible by generous donations from the greater community of Spirit Hollow. Partial scholarships are based on a first-come-first-served basis.


Please do not make a deposit until after you have applied and your application has been accepted.

Click here to download the Individual Apprenticeship application

If you have any questions or concerns, please email Tracey at