A Five-Day Immersion into the Fertile Darkness

Wednesday, September 28- Sunday, October 2

At Spirit Hollow

Guides: Jonah Ruh Roberts and Tracey Forest

You, darkness, of whom I am born —

I love you more than the flame

that limits the world

to the circle it illumines

and excludes all the rest.

But the dark embraces everything:

shapes and shadows, creatures and me,

people, nations — just as they are.

It lets me imagine

a great presence stirring beside me.

I believe in the night.

~Rainer Maria Rilke

The alluring West is the home of the Dark Muse-Beloved, the gateway to dreams, imagination, visions and the depths of the underworld.  It’s the place of our longing for Mystery’s touch, for true inspiration, for moving into the shadowy realms where the creative, meaning-attuned, erotic-romantic and hidden powers are housed.

Join us for a deep immersion into the fertile darkness to step further into the terrain of the West than ever before.  

In this five-day ceremony, we will explore and unlock our dreams and begin letting them shapeshifter us, access our own ways of getting to know the darkness (inner and outer), cultivate conscious relationship with our Muse/Beloved, track Shadow elements and own back projections, and reclaim soul powers that have been disguised (perhaps for our whole lives).

Finally, we will move actively into the underworld and begin the potent work of excavating the depths for elements of our unique mythos.

Activities Include:

  • Opening Ceremony
  • Deepening Levels of Dream Work
  • Advanced Work with the Four Facets of Wholeness
  • Focused wanders in the Forest 
  • Deep Imagery Journeys
  • Art and journal Work
  • Advanced Shadow Work
  • Embodiment Exercises and Authentic movement (with drumming and awesome playlists)
  • Night Wanders
  • Depth Council
  • Work in Dyads/Triads
  • Closing Ceremony


This offering is for participants who have completed Re-Earthing (in-person or online), or who have done the Animas Valley Institute’s Wild Mind Intensive or equivalent.  You may also have done mentoring with Jonah, Tracey or other Wild Mind guide; contact us to see if you are prepared for this deep dive!

Please have your Wild Mind (by Bill Plotkin) book ready to delve into prior to coming.  Review all four facets of wholeness, assessing your current ability to come into wholeness.  To what extent are you able to quickly return to wholeness when you (your ego) are hijacked by any of your subpersonalities?  Describe for yourself examples of times and conditions in which you can do this and those in which it is difficult.  The “wholing and self-healing work” described in Wild Mind is foundational to the work we’ll be doing.  

Also spend particular time with the chapters in Wild Mind on the West facet of wholeness AND on the West Subpersonalities.


Sliding Scale: $600-900 and includes four delicious suppers.

Please contact us if you need to apply for a partial-tuition scholarship.

Half of your base tuition is due upon registration; the other half is due by October 2.



Half-Tuition Options



One-time Payment



Arrive between 3-5 pm on September 30 to set up your camp (or move into a tent cabin). 

We will end after lunch on Sunday, October 2 (1-2pm).


Bring all of your own breakfast, lunches, and snacks. 

Spirit Hollow will provide all suppers, including the one on September 30

Coffee and tea will be provided. There is an outdoor stove and sink for your use as well as a refrigerator. Please bring easy to put together or heat foods (premade might be best) as we will not have time for extensive prep and cooking.

We do have refrigerator space for your food and a basic outdoor kitchen area with a sink and stove.


Spirit Hollow has four tent cabins that have cot-style bunks, which each house 3 – 4 people (shared space with no electricity). If you want more privacy, you can bring your tent and camp on the land. We also have hot outdoor showers and outhouses for your use. If you want more amenities, be sure to book an inn or Airbnb for staying in the area.  

Please let us know if you plan to stay in one of the tent cabins for planning purposes.

Questions:  Email Tracey or Jonah