ReEarthing ONLINE

January – March 2023

An Eight-Week Immersion on Zoom

January 23 – March 15, 2023

Meets twice a week, Monday and Wednesday evenings, 6:30 -8:30pm

(no class on Monday, February 20)

Guides: Tracey Forest and Jonah Ruh Roberts

RE-EARTHING Online is an eight-week journey of connecting to our pure and beautiful humanness, re-wholing fragmented parts deep in our subconscious, becoming part of a soulful community, and falling in love with Earth, each other and the challenges and opportunities of these times.

Earth, isn’t this what you want? To arise in us, invisible?

Is it not your dream, to enter us so wholly

there’s nothing left outside us to see?

What, if not transformation

is your deepest purpose? Earth, my love,

I want it too. Believe me,

no more of your springtimes are needed

to win me over—even one flower

is more than enough. Before I was named

I belonged to you.

~Rainer Maria Rilke

How will you live in these unprecedented days on Earth?

Will you continue to live fragmented in your own psyche– keeping it together on the surface while inside your soul and emotions are repressed and in turmoil? Will you continue to feel like you don’t fully belong in the culture OR in nature? Will you continue to feel helpless and overwhelmed by what is happening in the world without a clear direction of how to plug in and make a difference?

Or is now the time to finally resource in your wild and beautiful wholeness, to truly come back into deep relationship with Earth and become inspired to find your sacred niche in the Great Turning? 

We are collectively on a precipice in which the Business as Usual paradigm of this modern society is doing irreparable damage to our own ecosystem and is accelerating in its destruction of the wild places, wild beings and wild cultures of this sacred and precious planet. The dominant culture within which we live has thousands of years of trauma embedded in its very structures such that most humans today are not even aware that they are acting and reacting from wounds rather than wholeness.  Wounded people in a fragmented culture unknowingly participate in and perpetuate the hurt, fear, isolation, anger, unworthiness, dominance and repression like a cancer across the globe and into the young. 

If we truly want to change the momentum and become agents of cultural regeneration, then it begins with coming home to our innate facets of human wholeness, re-membering ourselves into a deep love affair with Earth.  By self-healing our wounded parts, finding our place of belonging within the greater Earth community, and beginning to mature ourselves into true adults and elders, we can actively participate in the evolution of our culture.

In this ALL online program, RE-EARTHING will meet twice a week on zoom, Monday and Wednesday evenings, 6:3- -8:30pm.  Each session will include teachings, council and experiential invitations out on the land and in the forest. We will be offering you many practices to deepen the work between sessions.