Seeing with the Heart 2021



An Apprenticeship in Core Shamanism

taught by Robert Patton and Tracey Forest

“We need as many shamanic practitioners in the world as possible in these challenging times on the planet.  We need people who can read the signs, talk to the spirits of the land, help heal the souls of our community more than ever.”
—Tracey Forest, Spirit Hollow Director

“As a Seeing With the Heart student, my life was transformed.  The hands-on training and practical experience in core shamanism, divination and healing can lead one (who is ready) to new worlds and limitless possibilities.  I have seen (and performed) miracles.  This stuff is real and bless Spirit Hollow for spreading the magic all around and keeping the teachings alive.”
—Joanne Grisanti, Spirit Hollow friend

For those serious about deepening their spiritual life, understanding the universe & the natural world more fully, and accessing power & guidance for healing self & others, this two-year apprenticeship is tailored to you.

Described as a “life-altering course,” this on-going training offers leading-edge instruction in shamanic techniques and spiritual development in a circle of dedicated people and meets one Saturday each month for 8 months on land, sanctified over years by the spiritual efforts of many,  in the beautiful mountains of southwestern Vermont. The focus is on learning ancient shamanic techniques blended with contemporary approaches.

Set up as a two-year program, apprentices will “graduate” with many tools, including a variety of journeying techniques, drumming and rattling skills, techniques for clearing and extraction healing, soul retrieval training, psychopomp work, working with the elements in a compassionate way, doing group ceremony and performing ritual, becoming intimate with the spirits of the Three Realms and developing a language to communicate and co-create with the spirits of nature directly.

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Photo credit: Jessica Larkin