Shamanic Teacher Training Course–NEW

Look for a NEW circle forming in 2022!!

Taught by Tracey Forest and Robert Patton

What can we do in these perilous times to really assist the human and the more-than-human world? 

Staying engaged in purposeful work of service, work that helps us feel deeply connected to something greater, connected to our own spiritual authority and guidance, and connected to healing and wholing our communities is a calling. Right now, the world needs more shamanic practitioners who can see with the heart, do the courageous work of repairing our relationships with our own selves, our earth communities and restoring balance among our peoples.

At Spirit Hollow, we have been running Seeing with the Heart for 19 years. Several hundred people have graduated from this shamanic apprenticeship program. As we move toward our 20th anniversary, we are focusing on how to extend the reach of our heart-centered programming.

Training shamanic teachers to take our curriculum into their own communities is needed now more than ever as we reach the tipping point with climate and social justice issues. We need as many people out in the world as possible who can read the signs, talk with the spirits of nature, conduct council circles and ceremonies, and help heal our people.

Spirit Hollow’s NEXT Teacher Training Program begins the 2021. This course will meet for a weekend immersion (Saturday morning – Sunday at 3pm) every other month for two years (fall-spring).

Not only will you learn to teach every aspect of core shamanism (history, all central techniques), but you will also gain valuable facilitator skills, learn the ins and outs of holding deep space and conducting various levels of Council, learn mirroring and ceremonial leader techniques, learn to help others create balance in their lives and with the more-than-human ones.

On the months we don’t meet physically, we will have a scheduled Zoom (online video meeting) Council with Tracey and/or Robert (October, December, February, April and one over the summer).

  • All sessions (physical and virtual) must be attended.
  • In between sessions, trainees will have reading assignments and experiential assignments.  You will be asked to submit monthly living journals.
  • Trainees will receive a manual (in modules) that outlines the program curriculum and offers suggestions, ideas, and skills to hone facilitation and teaching.
  • Trainees will act as mentors to SWTH students currently enrolled in the SWTH new program (first year) Each trainees will be assigned a few students to work with between sessions on questions, journey skills, lifestyle issues, and provide general support. This mentoring can be done in person or via video chat and through email and phone.
  • In the second year, trainees will create a course that they will offer in their own communities (submitting curriculum for review) and then do written evaluations as well as conduct student evaluations (via google forms)
  • During both years, trainees will maintain regular contact between sessions with other trainees and teachers through online discussions and practice with one another. They will receive invitations to a private Facebook group.

We are very excited to bring this program to you.  Tracey has 27 years of shamanic teaching and healing experience, as well as in leading nature immersions, camps for kids and teens, teaching yoga and college.  Robert has been with Spirit Hollow since 2001 and has been teaching Seeing with the Heart with Tracey since 2005 and has been the Spirit Hollow Board President for many years.  We feel It’s time to share so much of what we have learned from first-hand experience teaching Seeing with the Heart for almost 20 years.

You will be a Certified Shamanic Teacher at the end of the course.

Please fill out the application here.

Prerequisite: At least two years of Seeing with the Heart, or comparable shamanic practitioner training.  APPLICATION REQUIRED.

At Spirit Hollow we offer a three-year apprenticeship in core shamanism called Seeing with the Heart.
In that program, people learn from the beginning through advanced techniques. Those include: the shamanic journey to the upper and lower worlds and creation of strong connections to power animals and teachers; ability to work with the spirits of place and the natural world; doing extraction healing; performing the full process of soul retrieval; psychopomp work for humans and more-than-humans; divination for self and others; Merging with outside of time spirits for the purpose of healing others and acting as an Oracle; working with deepening connections to the earth through a variety of “landing” techniques and  journeying in creation of sanctuaries; holding  space and ceremony.
If one has mastered all those techniques and has been performing them for at least two years, then that would be comparable to our Seeing With the Heart training. The application will address those questions and allow applicants a chance to describe their processes and experience.

TUITION: $1500/year. $250 Deposit required.  Inquire about payment options.

First submit the application.  EMAIL Tracey for an application if you cannot access the Google form.  Once you are accepted, you will make a deposit or a payment.


TUITION FOR THE YEAR $1300, if after July 15, $1500

Payment Options