Spirit Quest for Teens

Summer 2016

No Spirit Quest for Teens in 2021 

INSTEAD Check out our NEW offering IMAGINING TRIBE for 16-22 year olds instead in July 2021!

Much more than camp. . .

We are calling in the young ones who feel pulled to live from the heart, who feel called to be true stewards of the Earth, who feel the urgency of these days and who want to play a meaningful role in the Great Turning!   We are calling in those who wish to access their truest purpose, to be part of creating the regenerative, life-enhancing culture that we MUST move toward if we are to survive.
This program is for young adults (16-22) who are longing to discover more deeply WHO THEY ARE and WHERE THEY BELONG amidst a cultural wasteland of superficiality and materialism.

“This is where I come every year to reflect, re-vision and rejuvenate.  It’s my new year!” — Spirit Quest Teen Camper

Our teens are more stressed out, more depressed, and more anxious than at any time before.  The demands placed on them by school, by peers and by deciding “what to do with the rest of their lives,” are at times completely overwhelming.  Add to that the consumer society that inundates them through their devices at every turn, and you have teens who are often at sea or feel it is difficult to access their truest voice or deeper knowing.

At Spirit Quest, we create a safe container for teens to hear that voice, to unplug from the world, to take a break from the demands of their lives, to rejuvenate in nature and to be lovingly guided by soulful adults.

This is our 16th year of running camps that address the urgent need for our kids to get time–immersed in nature–to connect with their deepest longings, to look at what’s true emerging in them on a soul and heart level, to share in community, to be heard and to deeply listen.

“As much as anything, the world today needs mature mentors and initiators to support young people to grow into visionary artisans of cultural change, the new leaders who will guide humanity through the transformation that the greater Earth community wholly depends upon.”Bill Plotkin, author, visionary wilderness guide, eco-psychologist

Spirit Quest for Teens is for 13-18 year olds, who are moving into young adulthood and who need a safe, nurturing place to reflect on where they have been, where they are going and who they are becoming.

We dive deep, we laugh a ton, we share from our hearts and accept every individual–new and old–into our circle as one of the tribe. We push ourselves to expand, we support each other to grow, we try some new things and, most of all, we LOVE.

These teens are now all young adults, fully launched into life! We miss them!

Camping and cooking and sharing together, teens develop deep connections to their selves, their peers, their elders and Nature through:

  • council circles
  • team-building games
  • guest presenters
  • nature-awareness and hikes
  • poetry and art
  • drumming and journeying
  • movement and improv
  • sharing in meal preparation
  • basic meditation and yoga
  • solo time in nature for reflection and visioning
  • fire ceremony and sweat lodge
Council of All Beings!

Life-long friendships are formed or deepened; issues of self-esteem and soul work are explored with a true honoring of each teen’s unique path. Teens live at Spirit Hollow for the whole week, beginning on Sunday afternoon and ending Saturday at noon to allow for more time together.

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Joyful Teens, Summer 2015

Tent cabin

Trust Exercises, Summer 2014