Warrior Camp

Warrior Camp for 8-12 year olds  (July 15-19, 2019) Day Camp

Boys enjoy the sacred waterfall here on Grass Mountain

Boys will gather in a “tribe” to explore the woods and to learn wilderness awareness skills and primitive skills of shelter building, basic tracking and fire making.  They will hike the stream, play at the waterfall, climb to the top of Grass Mountain (3100 ft), learn which plants in the woods are safe to eat, share in council and generally have a wonderful time.

Included in this week: native crafts (staff making, rope making), primitive skills, daily council, awesome games, team building, building self-esteem, drumming, journeying, and a sweat lodge.

For 8-12 year olds: This is a day camp with a Thursday night sleepover/camp out/cookout. For that night, boys should bring sleeping bags and pillows (but leave the electronics at home). Pocket knives are welcome as long as they are used with staff supervision. Lodging is in our tent cabins on bunks.

Finn, Ryan, Noah and Mowgli


Staffed by Chris “Mowgli” Gianitti, musician, tree climber and woods lover and Ryan Long, environmental educator and teacher.  These two amazing young men have been involved with Spirit Hollow camps for the last 7 years.  They have largely created and crafted the curriculum together, with great enthusiasm, love and compassion.  Both are gifted with kids and both know these woods extensively.  Mowgli is a composer, a bassist, vocalist and teacher, and has done two vision quests here on Grass Mountain.  Ryan just received his Master’s Degree in Environmental Education from Amherst College and is an educator teacher who lives in Santa Barbara, California for most of the year.

And Ryan and Mowgli will be joined again this year by the talented David Muska of Ondatra Adventures, a wilderness skills instructor, naturalist, and NYS Licensed Guide, as well as the founder of Ondatra Adventures. He has worked with many organizations throughout Northeast to provide meaningful and quality naturalist education programs for youth and adults.

Chris "Mowgli" Giannitti
Chris “Mowgli” Giannitti
Ryan Long
Ryan Long


Dave Muska

Cost is $280 per camper.  A myriad of crafting and art materials are provided.  We provide nutritious snacks every day, dinner on Thursday night and breakfast and lunch on Friday.  Send your camper daily with a packed lunch (yes, in the past, we have a provided lunches for additional fee, but we are simplifying this year).  The week will culminate with a Thursday night sleepover; so your camper should bring a sleeping bag or bedding gear.


warrior hike
Warriors hiking the mountain.

Download registration form here: 2019 Camp Forms

(Download Free Adobe Reader here if you cannot open the form)

Indicate on the form which week of camp you are registering for and mail it  to:

Spirit Hollow
2509 Shaftsbury Hollow RD
North Bennington, VT 05257

Some scholarship funds are available.  Please email for an application; traceyforest@spirithollow.org. You can then send your payment to Spirit Hollow with your registration form or pay here online.

DEPOSIT REQUIRED; call Tracey at 802-447-3895 or email at traceyforest@spirithollow.org if you have questions.

A note about gender

While all of our camps are open to all genders, often girls gravitate naturally to Goddess Camps and boys to Warrior Camps. Our goal is to assist in the healing of our culture, not to ‘segregate’ or be gender essentialist. However, we find value and depth and a lack of self-consciousness in a ‘circle of sisters’ or a ‘circle of brothers,’ where young people feel a sense of freedom to share openly in a space held by mature adults. For example, although it is important for both boys and girls to learn about consent, it needs to be addressed in different ways for girls than it does for boys due to the toxic cultural norms we are attempting to transform.

By inviting girls to gather together with women, we create a safe container to explore their deep connection to the Ancient goddess cultures and reverence of the female, to talk about body image and break down “false beauty,” cultivate the divine feminine, and discuss issue around their self esteem, consent, and menstruation as well as teach them skills to be empowered and self sufficient, such as primitive skills, fire starting, and wild crafting.

By inviting boys gather together with men, we create a safe container to explore emotional intelligence, discuss what a true warrior is, explore earth stewardship, feel safe to express the full range of emotions and how to respect others’ boundaries with the intent of releasing the lineage of unhealthy traditional “male” roles which are pushed on boys and young men from countless modern and historical sources, as well as teaching them skills to be empowered and self sufficient, as stated above.