Transformational Soul Sessions with Tracey Forest


If you feel challenged by the shifting energies on the planet

  • or feel “stuck,” or pulled out of your center,
  • or you keep coming against old issues, 
  • or find yourself stuck in old patterns,
  • or are unable to move on after a relationship or a death,
  • or if you just want more clarity on your life path or purpose,
  • or if these pandemic days are bringing up all your fears and shadows,

you can benefit from the incredible transformation that is facilitated by soul retrieval, shamanic clearing and energy work and reconnection to the natural and spiritual worlds.

We will dive in deeply right off the bat, focusing in a co-creative way on your core issues, restoring lost soul and power, releasing and clearing old outworn patterns and ancestral imprints, RE-IMPRINTING you with your TRUEST light and re-membering your SOUL PURPOSE and how to MANIFEST IT and CELEBRATING the amazing being that you are as a WHOLE and beautiful soul.

This work is not a spiritual aspirin or ‘quick fix,’ and it requires a real commitment on your part to your Soul-Spirit-Self.  I will lovingly assist you in that work, but it is your own powerful desire to be fully whole that will truly create the miracle.

I bring a ton of experience to your healing sessions. I have been doing shamanic work, yogic work, healing with songs, and guiding people in nature-based transformational work for 30 years.  Additionally, I have been training shamanic healers through Seeing with the Heart programs and directing kids and teens camps for the last 22 years. This work is truly amazing and powerful and life-changing, and I am so grateful to be offering it.

Also, I bring new skills as a developing Soul Initiation Guide as a trainee in the Soulcraft Apprenticeship and Initiation Program through the Animas Valley Institute.  I utilize deep listening, mirroring, dreamwork, and the holding of powerful safe space to allow you to feel totally supported in your session.

CURRENTLY, I am booking clients MOSTLY ONLINE, although in certain cases, I will see a few people in-person.  Please inquire.

I am offering remote live video sessions that go for two hours.  These are amazingly as potent as physical, in-person sessions and can be done from anywhere.  Scheduling for these is flexible, so inquire about times and dates!  The cost is the same as an in-person session.

I also offer Personal Soul Mentoring (soul-centric life coaching) via video chat from any location.  

Each session is two-hours and offered on a sliding scale ($120-150).

Email with questions or to schedule and appointment.  Once we find a time, I will send you both a payment link and a Zoom link for your session.

“Words can’t express how much you mean to me, thank you for bringing such beautiful work in the world. Your healing session with my father brought so much peace to my family. It was nothing short of miraculous~ I love you, thank-you!:  ~ Dana V.

Tracey Forest, Spirit Hollow Co-Founder and Director,  MA, CYT

Why work with me?

Tracey is such a bright light in this world. I booked a remote healing session with her recently, and it was a game-changer in my life. Tracey expertly guided me to the source of my long-standing challenges and worked it from an angle that was deceptively simple and tremendously effective. She did a retrieval of several soul parts that was stunningly accurate and, most importantly, made a noticeable difference. I could feel their presence distinctly in my body as she brought them back, and they are still accessible to me now. I felt Tracey’s deep caring for me, as her client, and her strong connection with the world of Spirit. Tracey’s was the best healing session I’ve experienced. It was as if she was right there with me in person. In a time of physical distancing, Tracey’s work offers the salve of reconnection.

Miriam Katz

What is Soul Retrieval? 

I work with gentle, compassionate spirits to restore your wholeness and inner light to heal the past, giving you the tools to embrace new vitality and joy.

Soul Retrieval is a cross-cultural healing technique that has been utilized by shamans around the planet for thousands of years. The fact that it has survived nearly unchanged into contemporary times is a testament to its incredible effectiveness. In fact, because we live in a culture that gives little care to the soul, we need soul retrieval more than ever.

Most of us have had soul loss as we have made our ways through life. Painful or traumatic experiences–fear, death of loved ones, ridicule from peers, unhealthy relationships, co-dependent or asleep parents, physical or emotional abuse, accidents–can cause soul loss. Actually a survival mechanism, during a painful or jarring event, we send a piece of our soul, our essence, our inner light away, into the spirit realms, to avoid the full brunt of the trauma.

However, unlike in a tribal culture where soul retrievals were performed regularly after a trauma to restore soul, in our culture, no one is there typically to tend our souls. Thus, soul loss begets more soul loss, and often by the time we are adults, we have great loss of soul and power.  We may feel disempowered and/or depressed, stuck in old patterns that we’d like to break free of.  Many times, this loss of power leads to low energy and physical symptoms, too.

As a shamanic practitioner, who has trained with Michael Harner and Sandra Ingerman, I work with you and with loving helping spirits, as shamans have done for millennia, journeying on your behalf to bring back those lost soul parts that would most benefit you now in helping you to become more whole, more YOU.

Additionally, in subsequent sessions, through shamanic counseling, ritual, and journeying yourself through our guidance, you learn how to integrate your returned vitality, so you can live more fully and do your soul work here on earth.

What Happens in a Soul Session?

We begin by having tea, entering my healing space, smudging and just talking at first.  You must feel comfortable with me and the process I use, and you must feel safe to share as much or as little of your story as you wish.  I usually encourage you to think, prior to coming, “What is my intention for going to see Tracey?  What is it that draws me?  What do I need?”  Then, when we are in sacred space, you can begin by sharing “Why am I here.”  That serves as a jumping off place for our focus.  However, please be assured that even if you share very little, I totally believe that the spirits will guide the session and will bring back and take away whatever is in your highest good.  I fully trust that it will all unfold perfectly.

Once you are comfortable with me and have shared what you wish, we will begin.  I open the session by having you comfortably lie on a massage table in my yurt).  Then I will use my rattle to invoke our helping, loving benevolent spiritual helpers, and you will be invited to silently attune to your own helpers, known and unknown.

Usually, I will be guided to do some clearing work in conjunction with your soul retrieval work, which is removing the spiritual side of localized illness and releasing blockages in your energy field. This is gentle, non-invasive touch, often accompanied by my rattling, singing, drumming and sharing, if appropriate.

As a client, you can be as involved as you like in the session.  You are invited to participate, to share, to add to interact with what I am seeing/experiencing OR you can simply relax and receive.

When the work comes to its natural conclusion, we will give gratitude for the session, share a bit and then I’ll encourage you to spend a little time on the land to get grounded.  I will also suggest some follow-up stuff you can do when you leave.

I ask all clients to commit to a minimum of three sessions, as that is what is necessary to do all of the work. Many clients also continue to work with me after the three sessions, as the shamanic model is excellent therapeutically. I have been doing soul retrievals and shamanic healing for 30 years. If you would like to read more about Soul Retrievals, Sandra Ingerman’s book Soul Retrieval: Mending the Fragmented Self is a great place to start.