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Spirit Hollow is an ever-evolving nature-based spiritual center striving to be a catalyst and crucible for personal and planetary transformation;  but  as wise beings have said for millennia, “Only love transforms consciousness.”


We embraces the many opportunities we have to touch people, for we recognize that–whether  their path is shamanism, a particular religious faith (including Paganism and Animism), depth ecology or environmental activism– the core longing of those drawn to Spirit Hollow is really the gift of unconditional love it extends to all who come.   We also recognize that, without your help, those opportunities can dwindle and be lost.


As a state and federal non-profit, Spirit Hollow uses funds to maintain, improve and expand the physical site ( our buildings, sanctuary areas and gardens) and to produce our publications and website.  In the future, we hope to create a scholarship fund, whichwill allow us to make Spirit Hollow’s work more accessible to everyone, and to create residential space where people may come to stay over for workshops or to rest in nature and renew themselves.


Your contributions are greatly appreciated; please help us build and expand.  Make a financial donation online through Just Give by clicking on the “Donate Now” button or by check to:

Spirit Hollow
2508 Shaftsbury Hollow RD
North Bennington, VT 05257

You also can volunteer your time or donate materials by contacting us at the address above or by calling us at (802) 447-3895. 
Thank you.