Kathy Sollien

Kathy Sollien

I was born and raised in Texas, moving to Vermont with my young son and late husband in 1990.  After I tried my hand at owning a gift shop and then working for a local financial planner, I decided to try my hand at real estate in 2000.  Real Estate proved to be the perfect career for someone like me who likes the flexible nature of this business, the challenge of reaching for the brass ring year after year and knowing that my success was a direct result of my own hard work.  

In 2008, my business partner and I opened our own real estate company, Maple Leaf Realty, growing it in leaps and bounds.  In the past few years, I bought out my partner, purchased and renovated an office building and now continue to grow this very successful and satisfying real estate business.

Throughout my varied career, I have tried to stay active in my community, serving on a number of committees and boards.  Currently I am the Treasurer for both Spirit Hollow and the Bennington Rotary Club.

For over 20 years I have lived in Shaftsbury in a small house on lots of acres of land.  Digging in the dirt (my concept of gardening), walking with my dog Ginger throughout the woods (she loves to play stick) , sitting on my deck with my cat Marty and watching Little White Creek flow under my driveway (Tropical storm Irene took that out in 2011) all of which come together to keep me grounded.

I plow my own driveway (many call it a road instead of a driveway) in the winter, cut small trees and limbs that get in my way with my cute little chainsaw (they think I’m crazy) and basically live one with nature (my way of decompressing).  You’ll probably still detect a small ‘twang’ in my speech and although I will always be a Texan at heart ( I miss Mexican food!) my home is now Vermont (always a flatlander, I’m told).

I hope to bring to Spirit Hollow my enthusiasm for its mission as well as my experience as a business owner, manager and treasurer.  My goal is to help Spirit Hollow grow and expand its reach to all who are drawn to this peaceful place.