Maggie Murphy

Maggie Murphy first came to Spirit Hollow for a Sweat Lodge on Emery’s (now Ananda) birthday after seeing an ad in Wisdom Magazine and realizing it was on the way home from dropping her son off in Brattleboro. The cost of a muffler was well worth the continuing gifts that have come from that blessed synchronicity! That summer she took a Plant Spirit Medicine Class from Ana Wolf and then enrolled in the 3 year Seeing with the Heart Shamanic Training. Thus began a relationship with Spirit Hollow that has continued to this day.


Over the years Maggie has pursued her spiritual path and been blessed with many amazing teachers. This journey has included lodges/vision quest with Emery, lodges/Sun Moon Dances/Drumming Vision Quests with Rick and Elise at House of Mica, lodge/13 month quest with the 13 Clan Mothers with Jana at Heron Brook Haven, fire walking with Stephanie Foy, Reiki and Therapeutic touch training, workshops with Forrest Green, Conscious Breathwork with Leonard Orr, and work/ceremony with a Vedic/shaman, Manu and ayahuascero, Cesar. Lodge has been a part of her life since the early 1990’s and continues to be a deep teacher/healer and a way to help bring the Divine into spiritual circles here and now.

Maggie went to Rhode Island School of Design for Architecture and works as a Service Coordinator for people who have a traumatic brain injury, she volunteers for Hospice and is in training to become a Conscious Breathworker. She is an avid gardener, omnivorous reader, and loves to cook. Happiest in the ocean, Maggie has also had deep relationships with trees since childhood.

Maggie is a part of spiritual communities at Spirit Hollow, House of Mica, Heron Brook Haven, and a sister of the 11/11/11 Condor Tribe. Fostering and supporting connection between people and between centers of Light is a priority in her life.

The journey of integrating and aligning daily life with spiritual practice has been an ongoing challenge that directs her path. How to see the Divinity in all beings? How to live from your heart in a distracted world? How to take the energy from a great teacher/workshop/lodge/class and have it be useful when you’re stuck in traffic, have trouble at work/in a relationship or just take the next step forward in your day to day life? It comes down to owning and manifesting our Divinity each breath in and each breath out. It is similar to realizing after design school that while you may be an “artist” the true gift is being able to lead a creative life. Each. Day.