Tracey Forest

Co-founding Director

Co-founding Director and Steward of Spirit Hollow, Tracey’s whole life has been dedicated to transforming her own consciousness and assisting others in that pursuit. A long-time shamanic healer and teacher, as well as a college English teacher and yoga teacher, she has been training others in core shamanic techniques through the Seeing with the Heart programs at Spirit Hollow for 20 years and doing soul retrievals, clearings and energy healing — which has evolved into her own unique technique: — Transformational Soul Sessions — for private clients, animals and places for twenty-eight years.

Tracey deeply believes in the power of nature to heal, teach and connect us as well as the power of the human spirit to open and guide us to our own sacred essences. When nature and the human spirit meet, alchemy happens, and we become more aware, more in tuned to our true purpose, more respectful of the earth and all her inhabitants.

Tracey also runs life-enhancing camps at Spirit Hollow every summer for kids and teens and offers Vision Quests and immersions just for women. Tracey has done two vision quests herself here on this sacred land that is Grass Mountain and has co-facilitated vision quests here for years. Tracey knows this land, geographically and spiritually, and knows its strength and wisdom first hand.

Tracey has trained extensively in core shamanic techniques. She is a 1998 graduate of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies Three-Year Program in Advanced Shamanism and Shamanic Healing, taught by Michael Harner, considered the world’s leading authority on shamanism and author of the classic The Way of the Shaman. Tracey has studied with Sandra Ingerman, as well as with visiting shamans from Lapland, Korea and Tuva and with Brazilian Spiritists.

Tracey is a Certified Yoga Teacher at the 200-hour level, having completed her training with Shiva Rea, innovative teacher of Prana Vinyasa Flow Yoga.  She has been teaching yoga for the last ten years all around the tai-state.  Currently, she is researching and developing a her own yoga style, which blends vinyasa yoga, deep ecology and shamanism.

She is passionate and joyful about teaching flow yoga, which has healed her relationship with her body, and about devotional singing, which has healed her heart.  Tracey is also a performing singer-songwriter who spear-headed Spirit Hollow’s first CD Beauty All Around (2007).  Her original recording Luminous, her first solo CD, can be heard here.

Tracey’s soul work is about gathering people together in spiritual community where they can continually awaken to their truest selves through shamanic work, time in nature, devotional yoga and singing and sharing delicious meals made with love.   Tracey’s greatest teachers are her children.

Tracey is also a passionate gardener, growing and preserving as much of her family’s food as she can on the land at Spirit Hollow.  The Forests have free-range, laying hens, two big black dogs, Jupiter and Shadow, and Mittens, the hiking cat.

Tracey continues to evolve and hone her gifts.  In 2016-2017 she completed the Yearlong Soulcraft Immersion: Cultivating Soul-Infused Artistry and Leadership in a Time of Global Change an “advanced program for people already immersed in their soul-discovery process and who are either in a leadership position or are longing to support radical change in our world through cultivating their most vital, visionary essence” with the Animas Valley Institute.  Her guides for this intensive were Geneen Marie Haugen, PhD and Bill Plotkin, PhD, author of Soulcraft, Nature and the Human Soul and Wildmind and founder of the Animas Valley Institute.  That program–a soul initiation process, which was sometimes harrowing but always beautiful–has helped Tracey unearth a much greater understanding of and commitment to her ecological niche and soul-infused destiny.  She has emerged as KeyTurner, who carriers an image of one who stands in the portal inviting and assisting others to step across the threshold.  She now has more tools to serve in these hard and holy days of the Great Turning.

Currently pursuing training as a Soul Initiation Guide with Bill Plotkin and Sage Magadalene in the Soulcraft Apprenticeship and Initiation Program, some of the deepest work she’s every known.