Wild Soul – Whole Self

August 10, 2019

10 am – 8 pm

A magic day of exploring inner and outer landscapes!

Enjoy revelation, conversation and imagination.

Shake off the constrictions of the modern world—the technology, the responsibilities, the overwhelm—and spend a full day immersed in the deep wilds of Spirit Hollow, listening to your Soul as mirrored and revealed by the Earth.

In a safe circle, we’ll drop into deep council with the other humans and all the sacred others who dwell in the forest. With attention to the way our own souls are reflected in and informed by the natural world, we will wander the land solo having conversations with the more-than-humans, share in council, dance and sing and drum, do some deep imagery, create simple art and do wholing and self-healing practices. The evening will culminate with a soulful drumming dance outside.

You’ll leave with a whole set of powerful tools to continue to follow the threads of how your niche in the world, your soul-self, has been guiding you since birth and is now pulling you closer to how your dream meets the dream of the Earth.

Cost is $125. Lunch and dinner are potluck style, so bring enough for two meals.

Tracey Forest is in the Wild Mind Training Program with the Animas Valley Institute. She is also the steward of the sacred land that is Spirit Hollow, where she has lived for the last 20 years and trains shamanic healers and teachers, runs transformational camps for kids and teens and sees individuals and couples for soul sessions and mentoring.

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