Online Women’s Wisdom Council

Next session: April 19, 6 pm
April 19
May 17
To honor social distancing while allowing Women Healers, Leaders, Lovers, and Visionaries to continue to gather, I am offering monthly Zoom Councils. The intention is to bring together a group of sisters who are already living as authentically as possible, who have gathered some wisdom and tools, and who really wish to connect with others.
This is a council of mature women who both need support and can offer support, who both need to receive wisdom and can offer wisdom, who are both tender and strong, sweet and fierce, soft and powerful, tentative and bold. We will drop into deep sacred ceremonial space, invoking the Sacred Others, entering into council consciousness and seeing what arises.
Suggested donation $15-40 (but can be any amount) that goes toward helping Spirit Hollow meet its expenses in a time of no in-person meetings (which is most of our livelihood). No one is turned away for lack of funds.
YOU MUST REGISTER BY PMing or Emailing Tracey Forest (, so I can send you a LINK to join our council (you can join with any device that has a camera and a wifi connection).
Please make a donation to register OR contact Tracey if you can’t afford it.

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Let’s weave this new world, wild women!!
With great love,
KeyTurner 🗝🌀