Forrest Green Returns, December 9-14, 2016
What Now? Tools for Reclaiming our Future
Free Workshop. December 18, 2016
Taking new clients--individuals and couples-- for sessions this fall!
Seeing With the Heart: Apprenticeship in Core Shamanism
New Group Forming for FALL 2017
Spirit Quest for Kids, June 26-30 2017
Spirit Quest for Teens, July 23-29 2017
Warrior Camp, July 17-21 2017
Goddess Camp, July 10-14 2017

2016 Lodge Schedule Update

DATES FOR AUTUMN-WINTER: October 23, 2016 November 13, 2016 December 11, 2016 January 15, 2017 Please email RSVP to Maggie Murphy (; if a lodge is canceled, an email will be sent to you. Come join us in this ancient ritual of purification, healing and prayer, practiced in many forms around the world. Spiritually speaking, we do…

Donations through "Just Give"

  Spirit Hollow is an ever-evolving nature-based spiritual center striving to be a catalyst and crucible for personal and planetary transformation;  but  as wise beings have said for millennia, “Only love transforms consciousness.”  We embraces the many opportunities we have to touch people, for we recognize that--whether  their path is shamanism, a particular…

Introduction to Shiatsu, April 23, 2016, 9AM-4PM at Spirit Hollow

Taught by Bethany Okerman It is often said, "To give a Shiatsu, you receive a Shiatsu." In this day-long workshop, we will tap into the natural healing source of the body using Zen Shiatsu, a Japanese form of finger pressure.  We will discuss and practice the Shiatsu Meridian Exercises that address specific…

Psychopomp: Shamanic Practice with the Dying, June 11,2016 9AM-9PM

9 AM-9PM, Saturday, June 11, 2016 at Spirit Hollow. Facilitated by Robert L. Patton The role of psychopomp  has long been a part of the shaman's practice.  We forget that this role deals not only with the Disincarnate, but also with the Living, especially at the moments of transition in the progressive stages of…


Mystery and Transformation in the Wilderness The birds have vanished in the sky and, now, the last cloud drains way.  We sit together, the mountain and I, until only the mountain remains"---Li Po The sacred waterfall on Grass Mountain It is never too late to hear your wild soul…

Tent Cabins Now Available at Spirit Hollow on Air B-n-B

Check our listing on Air B-nB . Thanks to many generous friends, Spirit Hollow now has three amazing tent cabins for lodging for guests at events.  These state-of-the-art tent cabins are also available for personal retreats and for those who wish to hike Grass Mountain. The Sky Tent at Spirit Hollow…


IT'S SO VITAL AND IMPORTANT: "Spirit Hollow to me means community and sisterhood and brotherhood, love for the Earth and for one another.  It's vital.  It's so vital and important.  Particularly the camps for younger people.  We come year after year and we connect with nature and with one another and…

THE SHAMAN'S JOURNEY: An introduction to Core Shamanic Practices, May…

      Join us for a day and see the world in a different light. This one-day introductory workshop will open doors to a new view of spirituality and to recognition of spiritual authority over your own path.  You will be introduced to: The Three-Fold World of Alternate Reality Animism:  All Things Have Spirit Shamanic journeying Spirit…

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