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CALLED TO LOVE: Mystery and Transformation in the Wilderness, August 14-22 at Spirit Hollow

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Love is not a problem to be solved, but a mystery to be received.
Who is bigger than you?
Who, than you when you let yourself be everything?
Who has more love than you?
Who, than you when you …

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Under Construction

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Under Construction



There is some behind-the-scene revamping going on.   If you’re connections are working quite right, please be patient with us.

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Help us raise funds for


that will provide housing for camps, vision quests and personal retreats.

“What you are, the world is.
And without your transformation,
there can be no transformation of the world.”
 ~J. Krishnamurti

Before getting to the details, here is a letter from Chris (Mowgli) Giannitti, Warrior Camp facilitator, Spirit Quest staff member, and amazing Spirit Hollow friend: 

“Hey Everyone,
As many of you might know, Spirit Hollow is a place very near to my heart, and incredibly important to many many people. I could not have transformed in to the person I am today without the guidance of the people who frequent it, and the support of it’s community. Not only the people, but the land, maintained and transformed by its caretaker, Tracey Forest, is of vital importance to the coming generation. Even in rural VT, we live an urban lifestyle, under constant barrage of advertisements which seek to shape our own perceptions of ourselves. Young (and old, but especially young) people NEED exposure to wilderness and solitude in order to establish their own grounding and own self-identification. Spirit Hollow is a gateway to that wilderness and solitude. We are seeking to establish modest accommodations on the grounds (as opposed to pitching personal tents in the midst of rain, wind, and thunder storms, as we have done in the past), in order to reach out to more people, and provide the facilities many need in order to commit themselves to an extended stay at the Hollow. Please take the time to read about Spirit Hollow, and consider donating to this VERY important cause.”

So much gratitude to Mowgli, our dear heart friend! 

UPDATE (3/28) The video below shows the wall tents I am hoping to purchase for our tent cabin fundraiser! They are made by Barebones Living (www.barebonesliving.com).  All the research shows this product to be far superior to canvas wall tents because of the materials (which will not mildew), the ease of set up (on ground or platform) and the durability of the tent frames. Check these out! We already have enough money for one (without platform).  Our campaign has already raised $2600!!!!  Will you please help us raise enough for two?


Spirit Hollow, a non-profit educational organization, is also a beautiful nature retreat on 100 acres surrounded by National Forest in SW Vermont.  Spirit Hollow is dedicated to bringing people to the wilderness to connect with themselves, each other, and the natural world and thus, to awaken to their truest selves.

Through a variety of programs, Spirit Hollow assists individuals in realizing their authenticity and getting back in touch with their deepest life purposes.  By transforming the Self, each person can help to transform their own families, communities and create more meaningful and fullfilling lives.

We have been at it here for over 15 years, offering trainings, questing experiences and camps for kids and teens in the summers–all programs that touch people in the most profound of ways.  Spirit Hollow has organic and medicinal gardens, sweat lodges and flowing streams.  Our facilities include a geodesic dome where the director, Tracey Forest, lives with her children and animals.  Workshops and camps are held in the Brook Yurt.  The thing we are lacking is housing for our overnight programs, particularly our camps in the summer.

This campaign is to raise $12,000 to purchase two tent cabins which will be place on wooden platforms and portable bunk beds for each.  The hope is to be able to house 8-10 people in each tent cabin.  When programs aren’t running, we can simply store the bunk beds and provide more space for individuals and family seeking solitude in nature.  As I said above, we have already raised over $2600 (almost 25% of our goal).  

Our goal is to have these in place for our summer programs this year, which would allow for more comfortable accommodations for the kids and teens and vision questers, as well as a space for people wanting have a place for personal retreats (just think about ‘glamping’ at Spirit Hollow as a meditative time for you).

There is 4-6 week order-delivery time for the tent cabins, so we hope to have the money raised by May 1, 2015.

While everyone has been great during rain and cold in their own tents, we want to provide drier, more cozy lodging.

Spirit Hollow is a non-profit, so any donations you make are tax-deductible. If 100 people donated $100, we’d make our goal, or if 50 people donated $200…. Of course, any amount would be greatly appreciated.

Donate today at our Crowdrise site online and get a Spirit Hollow Eurosticker and a free MP3 of Tracey’s original song “Luminous,” a love song to the light within each of us.

With so much love and gratitude!

Tracey Forest
Director and Steward of Spirit Hollow

You can also send a check to:

Spirit Hollow
2509 Shaftsbury Hollow Road
N. Bennington, VT  05257

Here’s a quick look at the amazing features on a Barebones Outfitter Safari Tent. Don’t YOU want your kid (or yourself) to stay in one of these?
Donate to the Tent Cabin Campaign here