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Please email Tracey (traceyforest@spirithollow.org) “BEFORE” registering to see if there is still room.
Also, ALL spaces for females in the new tent cabins are spoken for.  There are still a few spaces in the cabins for …

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Under Construction



There is some behind-the-scene revamping going on.   If your connections aren’t working quite right, please be patient with us.


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CALLED TO LOVE: Mystery and Transformation in the Wilderness, August 14-22 at Spirit Hollow

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Love is not a problem to be solved, but a mystery to be received.

Who is bigger than you?

Who, than you when you let yourself be everything?

Who has more love than you?
Who, than you when you let yourself feel everything?
Who has more insight that you?
Who, than you when you let yourself see everything?

Who is deeper than you?

Who, than you when you forget your self in love.

If you’ve read even this far, you resonate with these questions.  You’ve felt the pang.  You want to live these truths. 


But when have you made time to surrender into the mystery of love? To get out of your own way? To let go of that painful search for a solution?  To let love find you, mystery finding mystery?

It’s never too late to hear your wild soul song.



Whether you need time to reflect on an elusive search for a life-partner, seek to heal existing relationships, aspire to expand yourself in universal love or hope to better love yourself, JOIN US. Join your soul brothers and soul sisters for a truly powerful week of journeying deep into the mysteries of the wilds: the wild forest of Grass Mountain, the wild capacity for love within yourself.

Here at Spirit Hollow, we will create a safe circle of support for you to connect with your deepest longings about your life and your ability to love and for you to break down the barriers to love, to confront your fears and wounds and to encounter your soul in its purest, most exposed state.

You will prepare–through intention setting, deep council work, shamanic journeying, meditation, fire ceremony, basic yogic breathing and asanas, wandering the forest, simple art and writing exercises and an initiatory sweat lodge–for an encounter with your soul on a three-day vision quest alone on the mountain.  With nature as your mirror, you will have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to really dive into your soul, your psyche, your wounds and your gifts–mining them for the jewels that are your truest essence and most brilliant light.

After questing, you will be received back into the circle as the Sacred Being you are and, in council, we will lovingly unravel your experience on the mountain to help you see patterns and meaning and will work with you to find tools with which to manifest your vision in your life.


Everything you need to know, everything you need to transform, everything you need to embrace is WITHIN YOU.  Your time questing is your gift to yourself–a time to reconnect with your beauty, your divinity, your love and your Truth.



Enrollment is limited to 12-15 participants; so, please, register early.  Once you register, you will be asked to submit a Letter of Intent (guidelines will be provided) to help you focus our purposes for questing.  Then, you will work with Richard and/or Tracey via e-mail or phone to hone your questions and intentions for the quest.
Cost is on a sliding scale from $800-1200.  A $200 deposit (applied toward tuition) is required to hold your spot. You can register here, by calling (802) 447-3895, by email to traceyforest@spirithollow.org or by mail to:
Called To Love Vision Quest, Spirit Hollow, 2509 Shaftsbury Hollow RD, North Bennington, VT 05257



  Some meals will be provided by Spirit Hollow, but to keep costs low, we ask each participant to contribute food to the group (more information about this will be provided upon registration).
You will be encouraged to fast for the duration of your quest, but you know your body and its limitations and should do what is best for you.  Consult your doctor, if you have any medical issues, before signing up.
At base camp (Spirit Hollow), cooking facilities, outdoor showers and outhouses are available.  You will need a tent and camping gear; a complete list of gear to bring will be sent to you when you register of what to bring for the three-day quest. You will also receive a list of how to prepare physically and emotionally and a list of suggested readings in preparation.


Facilitated by Tracey Forest, M.A., C.Y.T., and Richard Cohen, Ph.D., assisted by Christ Gianitti
Tracey Forest, M.A., C.Y.T.

Tracey Forest, M.A., C.Y.T.

Co-founding Director and Steward of Spirit Hollow, Tracey’s life has been dedicated to transforming her own consciousness and to assisting others in that pursuit.  A long-time shamanic healer and teacher, as well as a college English teacher and yoga teacher, she has been doing soul retrievals, clearings and energy healing for people, animals and places since her mid-twenties; teaching core shamanic techniques through the Seeing With the Heart programs at Spirit Hollow for 15 years and teaching vinyasa yoga for ten years.  Tracey deeply believes in the power of nature to heal, teach and connect us–as well as the power of the human spirit to open and guide us–to our own sacred essences.  When nature and human spirit meet, alchemy happens and we become more aware, more in tuned to our true purpose and more respectful of the Earth and all Her inhabitants.  Tracey also runs life-enhancing camps at Spirit Hollow every summer for kids and teens and offers Goddess Retreats for women.  Tracey has done two vision quests herself on the sacred land that is Grass Mountain and has co-facilitated quests for others here for years.  Tracey knows this land, geographically and spiritually, and knows its strength and wisdom first-hand.  Tracey is a graduate of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies Three-Year Program in advance shamanism, under the direction of Michael Harner, and is a Certified Yoga Teacher at the 200-hour level, having trained with Shiva Rea.  She is a singer-songwriter, whose music reflects her belief in the sacred beauty of all beings.  Tracey is delighted to offer Called To Love with Richard and Chris.



Richard Cohen, Ph.D.

Richard Cohen, Ph.D.

Richard has always been blessed with intelligence, with joyfulness and with a love of creative chaos.  These are not learned traits.  And although Richard was a rather difficult handful as a child, he matured into a man whose soul feeds itself a daily meal of exuberance and wonder, passion for wisdom and a willingness to embrace Mystery in all her many moods.  Richard is doubly blessed in that he has been able to make his living by opening his spirit to others.  After earning a Ph.D. in Buddhist Studies, Richard was hired by the University of California, San Diego, where he has spent the last two decades creating a space within which students might open their minds and expand their perspectives on the beauty and complexity of our common humanity.  Within a large corporation that encourages students to place career-building above life-building, Richard is proud of the fact that he has been able to carve out a safe corner for students to discover the raging fire of their authentic selves.  Richard is thrilled that Tracey invited him to co-create Called to Love.  For alongside his discipline as a scholar, Richard has also cultivated a wild practice of soul freedom.  In this parallel life, he has circled the globe, spent three years in rural India, gone on stage with several circuses, been a performance artist and created multimedia installation art.  He has explored the worlds of energy work and yoga teaching and has also gone to the mountain (albeit in Death Valley) seeking a vision.  Above all, Richard believes that what we want and need is to feel at home in our own lives.  We can bear anything when we also feel ourselves truly heard, seen, respected and valued by our family and community.  Richard has spent his adult life walking the land, crossing oceans, braving faculty meetings, listening deeply and reflecting the good he sees all around him in honor of this truth.


Chris "Mowgli" Giannitti

Chris “Mowgli” Giannitti

Chris has been on the Spirit Quest Camp staff for the past several years, guiding children and teens with his joyful personality and huge hear. Chris is gifted in drumming for the shamanic journey, in guiding adventure-based initiatives, in facilitating team-building games, in leading council rounds, in tracking and in identifying wild edibles.  Chris is co-creator and co-facilitator for Warrior Camp at Spirit Hollow, which gets boys out into the woods to connect with their own spirits and the spirit of adventure and cultivates respect for all life and knowledge of the forest.  He is deeply connected to the land at Spirit Hollow, having quested here on the mountain twice and having walked the ridges in every season.  Chris is a musician, playing any stringed instrument he can get his hands on, but his expertise is on bass.  He will graduate from Bennington College with a degree in music in the next year.  When he’s not wandering the woods barefoot, wrestling with big dogs in the mud or climbing trees, “Mowgli” travels, meditates and journeys.  He has been to India three times, sat with saints and sadhus and shared his abundant spirit with all he meets.  Chris brings an intimate knowledge of Grass Mountain to Called To Love, as well as his ability to be completely present for every person he is with.  Wise beyond his years, Chris radiates love and compassion and is a gifted listener/mirror and guide to the woods.