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June 25, 2013 – 6:10 pm | 558 views | Edit Post

“Spirit Hollow to me means community and sisterhood and brotherhood, love for the Earth and for one another.  It’s vital.  It’s so vital and important.  Particularly the camps for younger people.  …

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May 7, 2014 – 6:47 pm | 229 views | Edit Post

abeaver_thumb.jpgI am looking for a group of individuals who would be willing to figure out how much time they could volunteer and, then, to commit to an on-going team dedicated to maintenance and clean-up work around Spirit Hollow.  Task would include:

1. Regular cleaning of yurt(s), inside and out. (Mopping floors, cleaning cobwebs, washing walls, cleaning floor mats and pillows, cleaning the woodstove and pipes,  etc.)

2. Stacking wood for classes and sweat lodges

3. Checking and liming, as needed, outhouses; ensuring they have toilet paper and hand sanitizer.

4. Set-up and clean-up for major Spirit Hollow events.

5. Other chores for Spirit Hollow as needed.

This team would work individually or as a group.  Schedules would be worked out in advance, based on the time team members indicate they are willing to commit to; you would be expected to keep that commitment once made.  Team would meet periodically with a board member to give feedback and to make recommendations on needed repairs.

Consider when you are available and how much time you are willing to commit to.  Contact me at walksamongthem@gmail.com only if you are committed and I will set up a first meeting for the team.

Thank you in advance for your commitment,