Seeing With the Heart: Apprenticeship in Core Shamanism
The Shaman's Journey: An Introduction to Core Shamanic Practices
Psychopomp: Shamanic Practice with the Dying (expanded)
Introduction to Shiatsu with Bethany Okerman, April 23, 2016
Ecotoning with Richard Cohen, August 5-7
Spirit Quest for Kids, July 5-8
Spirit Quest for Teens, July 24-30
Warrior Camp, August 1-5
Goddess Camp, July 11-15
Walking Your Authentic Fire, FIREWALK, July 9
Queer Spirit Retreat for LGBTQ Teens, July 1-3


CHECK BACK FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THESE UPCOMING EVENTS MARCH Teen Reunion   March 4-6   APRIL Goddess Retreat  April 1-3 Introduction to Shiatsu April 23 West African Djembe Ensemble Workshop   April 30 MAY Heal the Healer (check for dates) Introduction to Shamanic Journeying   May 21   JUNE Goddress Retreat  June 4-5 Psychopomp: Shamanic Practice with the Dying   June 11   JULY Spirit Quest for Kids   July 5-8 Goddess…

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  Spirit Hollow is an ever-evolving nature-based spiritual center striving to be a catalyst and crucible for personal and planetary transformation;  but  as wise beings have said for millennia, “Only love transforms consciousness.”  We embraces the many opportunities we have to touch people, for we recognize that--whether  their path is shamanism, a particular…

Goddess Retreat October 7-9, 2016

Our Goddess Retreats have been so amazing that we now offer several, roughly around the equinoxes and solstices, throughout the year. Come relax, rejuvenate and nurture your beautiful Goddess self in a safe circle of sisters!  Celebrate the ending of Winter and the first stirrings of Spring.  Because people wanted more…

Introduction to Shiatsu, April 23, 2016, 9AM-4PM at Spirit Hollow

Taught by Bethany Okerman It is often said, "To give a Shiatsu, you receive a Shiatsu." In this day-long workshop, we will tap into the natural healing source of the body using Zen Shiatsu, a Japanese form of finger pressure.  We will discuss and practice the Shiatsu Meridian Exercises that address specific…

Psychopomp: Shamanic Practice with the Dying, June 11,2016 9AM-9PM

9 AM-9PM, Saturday, June 11, 2016 at Spirit Hollow. Facilitated by Robert L. Patton The role of psychopomp  has long been a part of the shaman's practice.  We forget that this role deals not only with the Disincarnate, but also with the Living, especially at the moments of transition in the progressive stages of…

Queer Spirit Retreat for LGBTQ+ Teens, July 1- July 3,…

  For LGBTQ+ Teens, grade 9-12 In response to request from our community's Queer youth and their parents, on this Independence Weekend and to kick off our summer offerings, Spirit Hollow offers a completely Queer space for all queer-identifying youth, grades 9-12, to claim your own True independence as you step into your…

Seeing with the Heart, class of 2015, now full.

Seeing with the Heart new class of 2015 is FULL.  If you are interested, you can contact Tracey (at  about being placed on the waiting list.

SOUL ENCOUNTER VISION QUEST, AUGUST 12-20, 2016 at Spirit Hollow

Mystery and Transformation in the Wilderness The birds have vanished in the sky and, now, the last cloud drains way.  We sit together, the mountain and I, until only the mountain remains"---Li Po The sacred waterfall on Grass Mountain It is never too late to hear your wild soul…

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