Wild Women Weaving the World Weekend

May 19-20

Calling sacred activists and artists, musicians and magicians, change agents and authors of destiny. leaders and lovers of the Earth! 

Sisters! Mothers! Daughters! Lovers! 

Following up on our March 4th (March FORTH!) Daylong, we are offering a Weekend Gathering to go deep, to spend more time together, to immerse ourselves in the waters of inspiration, sisterhood and love!!

You are part of the the wellspring of women rising up and leading the way forward in these urgent and exciting times. You are standing up and speaking out. You have said NO to the life-killing ways and YES to the creation of the world of Unity.

But WHAT NOW? Perhaps you feel a longing to serve and be active, but you are not sure how to do it, what steps to take, how to be most effective.

My deep belief is that clarity comes from being in alignment with your Soul, your gifts, your longing.

This gathering is about how we can move beyond conversation (valuable as it is) and begin the process of meaningful structural shift in our culture by bringing forth our unique contributions.

We will gather to sit in council, to share our despair and our gratitude, our excitement and our fears. We will connect with each other and explore our latent soul powers and inner resources and unite in our common vision of breaking down the patriarchy and creating the world we long to live in.


– Invocation of the Sacred Others
– The Way of Council
– The Work That Reconnects
– Sharing Resources
– Shamanic Journeying
– “Landing”–conversation with the land and the more-than-human ones
– Time in Solitude on the Land for visioning
– Saturday Evening Ceremony of Release and (RE)Claiming of Power
– Sacred Song, Drumming and Dance
– Ritual Offerings to the Waters and Praying with Gaia at the Waterfall
– Visioning Next steps

My intention is for each women to feel filled with inspiration and support, empowered to leave the circle with some practical next steps she can take in her life and in her community that emerge from her own soul gifts and unique identity.

Let’s begin!

This circle is open to all women who FEEL CALLED to be change agents, visionaries, leaders, healers and agents of cultural change.

Please bring TWO potluck dishes to share (preferably organic vegetarian or locally-sourced protein). Drums and rattles are most welcome. Wear an item of clothing that helps you feel connected to your powerful feminine self.

There are up to 18 spots in our tent cabins (bunks), or you can tent camp on the land in your own tent. Also, we can provide you with a list of local inns if you wish for more comfort on Saturday night. We have outhouses and outdoor showers.

Registration IS required. $100-150 for the weekend, with HALF your contribution applied as a tax-deductible donation to our scholarship fund to support a girt or young woman to attend one of our Goddess Camps this summer, so we can keep opening the way for the young ones to stay awake and become empowered to wield their own tools. There will be a registration button on our website soon. where you can pay in advance. In the meantime, please PM or email Tracey Forest to hold your space.

In August, we are planning a weeklong Wild Women Weaving the World Program that includes solo time crying for a vision here at Spirit Hollow, so stay tuned as we build this energy and power and movement.

PM Tracey or email me to “officially” register
Space limited to 25 participants