YOGA with Tracey

Joyful, Flowing Yoga that, through breath and movement, connects us profoundly to Prana (the lifeforce).


My Love of Yoga

Flow Yoga has healed my relationship with my body (at least 90%).  After a lifetime of struggling with body-image issues and judgment and hatred of my body, I had had enough.  I had done yoga some over the years, walked regularly, had even worked out at gyms.  But I had never EMBODIED yoga or love of my self.  During my second pregnancy, all of those issues came to the surface and, while my son was a baby, I was compelled to finally confront them head on. 

While I was in the local health food store, a DVD caught my eye.  It was Yoga Shakti with Shiva Rea, empassioned yoga teacher and innovator of Prana Vinyasa Flow Yoga.  That DVD catalyzed me into a serious, dedicated and deeply healing, vigorous an challenging yoga practice.  I began to tone up my body and get more in touch with how fortunate I am to live in a healthy, beautiful body that is capable of amazing strength, endurance and flexibility.  Of course, that was just the physical level.  On a deeper level, I began to feel more energy, more peace, more patience and more compassion for everyone.

Over a two-year period, I completed a 200-hour teacher training with Shiva Rea herself and I have been so grateful to bring the healing power of yoga to others at many yoga studios in the tri-state and at Spirit Hollow.   I teach kids and teens and we incorporate yoga into most of our camps and programs.

For me, teaching yoga brings together so many of the tools I have gathered and loved over the years: teaching poetry, my love of nature and shamanism, chanting and singing and being physically active.  So many of us are disconnected from our bodies, even those of us on a spiritual path.  Yoga helps us to live in our bodies much more fully, to appreciate the temple of our souls, to love our lives, to appreciate how fortunate we are to be in a body, to connect us more deeply with the natural world, to help us to really live in the present moment and to realize our interconnectedness with all live.


Private Customized Sessions at Spirit Hollow

You can come to me at Spirit Hollow for a totally private yoga session (90 minutes to 2 hours in length is typical) that is customized to your current physical condition and needs.  I am happy to work one-on-one with you or you can schedule a private class for you and some friends.  Private sessions at Spirit Hollow take place in the Brook Yurt with beautiful mountain views, hardwood floors and woodstove heat.  

All sessions include an initial check in to see what you need that day (physical needs as well as emotional issues you might be working one), opening meditation, a complete yoga session with sun salutations, standing poses, heart-opening through back-bending, inversions, forward bends and savasana (a deep long final relaxation).  Beautiful music and poetry support you through the arc of practice and a healing visualization is offered in savasana.

I am also available to teach classes around the tri-state, so if you have a group and would like a class at your venue, please contact me!


I will work with you to come up with a fee that feels right to both of us.  To give you an idea, I would ideally like to make $50-70 per class or session. Contact me to discuss fees or an exchange of services.


A few times a year, I offer a day-long or weekend retreat that includes meditation, yoga, chanting, journeying and time in nature.  

 Contact me by e-mail ( , by mail Spirit Hollow, 2509 Shaftsbury Hollow RD, North Bennington, VT 05257 or by phone at (802) 430-4488.